How to Make a Dishwasher Safe Mug (and what not to do)

Time: 45 minutes (includes bake time)
Materials: ceramic mug, Pebeo Porcelaine 150 pen, oven

How to make a dishwasher safe mug (plus what not to do!)Last year I shared a tutorial for how to paint ceramic and make it dishwasher safe (also used on this ring holder). I recently discovered that the same company makes the specialty ceramic paint in marker form, which opens up what you can do design wise completely! For my first attempt, I decided to do polka dots. Sounds easy enough right? Well, I ran into a bit of a snag along the way and thought I’d share it with you, because hey, who doesn’t love a good craft fail?


How to make a dishwasher safe mug (plus what not to do!)


All you need to make your design permanent is the porcelaine 150 pen and an oven. You can use any ceramic mug and may even find good ones to makeover at the dollar store. Continue reading…