DIY Colorful Canvas Pin Boards

Learn how to make these colorful canvas pin boards for your office in 30 minutes!Alright friends, so! I’ve been hard at work in my studio over these past few weeks and have some fun DIYS + a full tour of my office on the way! I’ve been fortunate to have West Elm as a partner for the past year and a half (remember my bedroom and living room makeovers?) and we’ve teamed up again on the studio. I cannot wait to share all the colorful goodness that we came up with, but for now, let’s start with these fun DIY canvas pin boards because I am obsessed!

As much as I love looking for inspiration online, there’s still something so cathartic about flipping through a magazine or catalog and cutting out those eye catching images, especially when working with a glass of wine in hand. Not only is it a fun way to unplug and unwind, but it’s a great low-cost way to decorate any creative space. If you’re looking for a way to display your finds, but want to use something a little different than the traditional cork board, try this project!

Learn how to make these colorful canvas pin boards for your office in 30 minutes! Continue reading…

Colorful Desk Accessories (Under $25!)

Colorful Desk Accessories (Under $25!)Even though it’s a Monday, that doesn’t mean work has to be completely boring. Okay, so maybe that’s a lie. The weekend is clearly better. But one way to get to 5pm faster is to make your desk a place full of inspiration and color. If you’re on a budget, then you’re in luck– all of these cute desk accessories are $25 or less! And when your boss asks you why you’re online shopping instead of working, you can at least say it’s for office moral.

1. Pencil Cup $7

2. Rainbow Glitter Tape $7

3. Binder Clips $6

4. Ellepi Stapler $24

5. Desk Organizer Tray $24

6. Neon Lepen Pens $15


DIY Plaster + Washi Tape Push Pins

Add some color and pattern to your office with these easy DIY plaster + washi tape push pins!When it comes to work, I write everything down. Ideas, to do list, doodles of ice cream cones, everything. Basically every now and then my desk turns into a massive pile of post-its and scribbled notes. To get my act together, I decided to get a cork board, but I couldn’t find any push pins that I was head over heels in love with which lead me to make my own! Here’s how:

Time: 30 minutes + dry and set time
Materials: silicon mold, plaster, washi tape, E-6000, thumbtacks, decoupage

Add some color and pattern to your office with these easy DIY plaster + washi tape push pins!I used a honeycomb shape tray, but you could use any that you wanted. There are SO many options on Amazon, just make sure it’s made of silicon and you’ll be good to go. Continue reading…

10 Colorful Office DIYS

10 Colorful Office DIYSGoing back to work after a fun weekend is always a drag, but it doesn’t have to be with these ten office DIYS! Okay, maybe that’s pushing it a bit. But adding some color to your desk will certainly help you daydream about your next tropical beach vacation. And if nothing else, you’ll at least be celebrated as having the best cubicle around, which is 100% a raise-worthy quality in my opinion.

10 Colorful Office DIYS1. Gold Lucite Office Organizer by A Bubbly Life

10 Colorful Office DIYS2. Plaster Paperweight by The Crafted Life

10 Colorful Office DIYS3. Cork Office Organizer by Paper & Stitch

10 Colorful Office DIYS4. Thank You File Cabinet by Studio DIY

10 Colorful Office DIYS5. Pencil Sharpener Makeover by The Merrythought Continue reading…