DIY Paper Wrapped Bangles

Learned to make these paper wrapped bangles in less than 30 minutes!I love fancy paper. So much so that I would have one of those stationery walls in my house if I could (but then again, who wouldn’t want that?!). Instead of letting the paper sit around rolled up in a basket by your desk, why not wear it with you everywhere you go?!  Here’s how you can make some paper wrapped bangles for yourself and everyone you know:

Time: 25 minutes
Materials: bangles, paper, decoupage, scissors, brush

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10 DIY Stationery Ideas

10 DIY Stationery Ideas As much as I love fancy cards, I’ve found myself checking out at Paper Source too many times with a total larger than I would like. It’s a problem. If you’re a fan of sending snail mail, but don’t have a huge budget, you can still make something memorable and beautiful for your loved ones. Because really, who doesn’t love receiving that one of a kind item?

10 DIY Stationery Ideas1. Polka Dot Envelope Liner by Ruffled

10 DIY Stationery Ideas2. DIY String Tie Envelopes by Minie Co

10 DIY Stationery Ideas3. Printable Texting Card by Design is Yay

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