Renter Friendly Patio Makeover

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Guys! I am so beyond excited to share my patio makeover with you today! I really didn’t think it was possible to make my concrete apartment space into something beautiful, but now it’s possibly my favorite space that I’ve ever decorated. And y’all, everything I did is completely renter friendly, so you can recreate the look for yourself without worrying about upsetting your landlord. If you want to send me wine as a thank you, just email me for my address, k?

Now, on to the makeover!

Renter friendly patio makeover. Click through for full before and after!Okay, so let’s talk about the before. There were a few issues with my previous space. First, the astroturf and table just didn’t weather well through the winter. Not only that, but they made the space feel super small since it was only a table for two in the corner. So much of my patio was left unused and I rarely found myself using the space because of it.  Continue reading…

10 Beautiful Patios and Outdoor Spaces

10 beautiful patios and outdoor spaces[Source]

With the official start of fall coming this week, I’ve been trying to soak up all the warm weather and outdoor time that I can. I’m just not ready to give into pumpkins yet. Sue me.

While it might be too late in the season to redo everything completely, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things you could do to extend the life of your patio before packing everything up for the year. Adding some string lights, a fire pit and some blankets might just be the perfect solution for transition to the new season.

And if you don’t have a patio then hopefully these 10 outdoor spaces are enough to help you daydream!

10 beautiful patios and outdoor spaces[Source]

10 beautiful patios and outdoor spaces[Source]

10 beautiful patios and outdoor spaces[Source]

10 beautiful patios and outdoor spaces[Source] Continue reading…