A Friendly Reminder

Spring flowersToday marks eleven years since my brother passed away, so instead of a diy, I just wanted to check in today with a friendly reminder.

Life is so very short. I know we’ve all heard this 100 times, but it’s something that we need to make an effort remember. We can get so caught up in work, social media, and our day to days that it feels like we’ll be around forever, but the truth is that is could all be over tomorrow.

So today I hope that you’ll do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do, but makes you too nervous to think about. That thing makes you so happy you can’t stop smiling. That makes you excited to be alive. Just get out there and feel every second of it, whatever it is you decide to do. I’ll be taking the day to do just that.


PS I’d love to hear what you did with your day, even if it’s as small as going to your favorite cafe and treating yourself to a nice latte :)

Big Life Changes

by @thecraftedlife on InstagramWell friends, it’s been hard keeping this secret from you, but today is the day I let you know that … I’m moving to Philadelphia! I’m sure some of you are scratching your heads and wondering why the move, so here’s what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Last month, Gabe and I decided to end our relationship after 6 great years. He was my best friend and a consistent source of encouragement that I will miss dearly. Coming to terms with this decision has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life, but ultimately I believe it’s the right move.

Right now I think a change in scenery and pace is exactly what I need. So Philly is it. Home of brotherly love and soft pretzels. Needless to say I’m a mix of terrified, nervous, and excited. It’s going to be strange to be on my own after so long, but an experience I’m ready for.

I will be taking this week off to drive across the country and to process this next chapter in my life, but! I will be snapping (username: thecraftedlife) the entire journey, so if you really miss me, please follow along!

Thank you for your support during this time.