11 DIY Planter Projects for Spring

11 DIY Planter Projects for SpringIt has been so warm and sunny in Portland that it feels like spring may be unofficially here. That, and I guess the extra hour of daylight doesn’t hurt either! If you haven’t been already, it may be time to head to your nearest nursery and pick up fresh plants to celebrate the new season. And what plant would be complete without an adorable planter? Be sure to keep these eleven diy planter projects options in mind before you buy!

11 DIY Planter Projects for Spring1. Concrete Planter by Paper & Stitch

11 DIY Planter Projects for Spring2. Brushstroke Planter by The Crafted Life

11 DIY Planter Projects for Spring3. Girly Planters by Lovely Indeed

11 DIY Planter Projects for Spring4. Marbled Hanging Planter by Oh Joy

11 DIY Planter Projects for Spring5. Planter Shelf by Vintage Revivals Continue reading…

DIY Hanging Air Plant Holder

Time: 15 minutes
Materials: bell cup, hammer & nail, cord, wooden beads, acrylic paint

DIY Hanging Air Plant HolderGuys, listen up. This diy is crazy easy. On one hand I want to make 100 more, but on the other, I don’t want to be known as the crazy plant lady. That’s totally a thing, right?

Either way, you can make this hanging air plant holder in about 15 minutes. They’re completely customizable and you can see how I did it on Curbly!

DIY Hanging Air Plant HolderClick here to see full tutorial! 

How to Make a Terrarium

Time: 20 minutes
Materials: rocks, charcoal, sand, soil, succulent or plant of your choice, container 

How to Make a TerrariumAs much as I love a good house plant, terrariums have totally won my heart with their playful nature. You can customize everything from the container,  to the colors of rocks/sand, and the decorative elements you use, making this project one with endless possibilities!

How to Make a TerrariumI am no botanist, so before starting I did some research to learn the specific layers needed to make a thriving terrarium. PS by using Bing, I was able to rack up points through Bing Rewards that I can put towards food, shopping, and even charitable donations (it’s like a frequent flyer program for searching)!

How to Make a TerrariumStart your first layer by pouring in a layer of rocks thats about an inch in height (this will prevent root rot). Next, add a very thin layer of charcoal, which is great for filtration. You should still be able to see your rocks peaking through the top. Cover all with a layer of sand then add your soil.

How to Make a Terrarium

How to Make a TerrariumThe very top layer is for additional decor. I chose to add some moss and a cute plastic deer, because hey, why not? There are so many options here, so have fun! If you have a container with a narrow opening, I recommend using these long tweezers to help you place everything.

You’ll want to water your terrarium with the tiniest bit of water a few hours after you’ve finished. Repotting is a little traumatic for plants, so if you happen to over water, the roots will absorb too much and it may kill it.

How to Make a Terrarium


Place in a sunny spot in your house (non-direct light), and enjoy!

How to Make a Terrarium


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