Trail Mix Popcorn Recipe

trail mix popcorn recipePopcorn is absolutely my go to snack. And while salt and butter will always be a classic staple, sometimes it’s fun to mix it up and try something new! This trail mix popcorn recipe is the easiest (you’re seriously just adding ingredients to the same bowl), but it’s also super tasty, especially if you love salty/sweet combos! Here’s how you make it:

trail mix popcorn recipe

What you’ll need:

– Popcorn (I use an air popper instead of a microwave)

– Sunflower Seeds

– Raisins or other dried fruit

– M&Ms

– Optional: peanuts or almonds

Make your popcorn in a large bowl then add your ingredients. How much of each additive is really up to your personal preference. I found that equal parts M&Ms to raisins was ideal. Mix up and you’re ready to eat! Seriously, that easy!

trail mix popcorn recipeSo what do you think? Would you ever give this a try or are you a classic popcorn type of person?

trail mix popcorn recipe

A Colorful Picnic + Free Printables and a Recipe!

Throw a colorful picnic this summer with these free printables and popcorn recipe!With last weekend kicking off the unofficial start to summer, it means that it’s time to gear up for picnic season! Nothing but afternoons lounging in the park, catching up on gossip magazines and with friends. Perfection.

Of course, what would a summer picnic be without a little color? Below you can learn how to make fun pillows, a striped blanket, and a popcorn recipe that tastes almost like rice krispy treats. I’ve got all your essentials covered. Now let’s do this summer!

Throw a colorful picnic this summer with these free printables and popcorn recipe!

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