15 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

15 unique ways to decorate a pumpkin! Now that I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that it’s fall already, it’s time to decorate! Whether it’s real or faux, pumpkins are a classic way to welcome the new season into your home. But, like most things, they’re better with a bit of personal flair. To get your brain running with ideas, here are fifteen ways to decorate a pumpkin: 15 unique ways to decorate a pumpkin!1. Tissue Paper Pumpkin by Sarah Hearts 15 unique ways to decorate a pumpkin!2. Dark Floral Pumpkin by Hunted Interior DIY Confetti Pumpkin3. Confetti Pumpkin by The Crafted Life 15 unique ways to decorate a pumpkin!4. Typography Pumpkins by Fair Goods 15 unique ways to decorate a pumpkin!5. Spiderweb Pumpkins via Martha Stewart Continue reading…

DIY Confetti Pumpkin

DIY Confetti PumpkinHappy September y’all! How crazy is that?! What better way to celebrate the new month than with the first challenge for the Michaels Makers program– diy pumpkins! And what is a celebration without a little confetti? Here’s how:

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: plastic craft pumpkin, confetti, mod podge, sponge brush
Cost: $14

DIY Confetti PumpkinI purchased my confetti, but you can easily make your own using tissue paper. My pumpkin is from Michaels.com. If you aren’t into white, they have a variety of other colors and shapes. You can even get a half pumpkin!

DIY Confetti PumpkinSo this tutorial is easy peasy. Apply a thin layer of mod podge, working only 4 inches at a time, and then lay down your confetti. Smooth over with another thin layer of mod podge. Keep going until your pumpkin is covered then let dry!

DIY Confetti Pumpkin DIY Confetti Pumpkin

DIY Confetti Pumpkin Continue reading…