10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer

10 DIY Purses Perfect for SummerWell if the Fourth of July didn’t make you feel like summer has officially arrived, I’m not sure anything will! This is my first one on the east coast and aside from some mild humidity, I am loving it! One thing that I’ve noticed since the move is that my wardrobe is changing a lot more with the seasons. For these hot months, I’m trying to keep everything as low maintenance and casual as possible (probably because I’m just going to sweat through whatever dress I’m wearing anyway).

One way to spice up your outfit it up a bit is with a good purse! And what better accessory or conversation is there than with one you made yourself?! These ten DIYS are colorful, playful, and most importantly super easy to make. The hardest step will just be deciding which one you want to make first!

10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer1. Tassel Bag Charm by Honestly WTF

10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer2. Cross Body Bag by Paper & Stitch

10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer3. Patterned Clutch by Sarah Hearts

10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer4. Painted Straw Tote by Design Improvised

10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer5. Donut Purse by Studio DIY Continue reading…

10 Minute DIY Polka Dot Purse

Learn how to make this polka dotted purse in 10 minutes!After making this pillow the other week, you could say that I’m on a bit of a polka dot kick. It’s really just the easiest pattern to make and the end results are always cute. And really, what’s not to love about that? In one simple step, and ten minutes, you can recreate on-the-go makeup bag yourself! Here’s how:

Time: 10 minutes + dry time
Materials: fabric or multi-surface paint, foam pouncers, purse

Learn how to make this polka dotted purse in 10 minutes!If you don’t have any foam pouncers, you could make your dots with a brush (it will probably just take a little longer). Continue reading…

10 Must-Try Zipper Pouch Tutorials

10 Must-Try Zipper Pouch TutorialsNow that it’s fall, it means it’s time to mix things up a bit with my wardrobe! Another great reason to celebrate the season, am I right? And while I can’t make my own clothes just yet (at least to the point where I’d wear anything in public), I do love a good bag tutorial. Whether you’re gearing up for holiday travel or just a night on the town, here are ten must-try zipper pouch tutorials you’ll want to try asap!

10 Must-Try Zipper Pouch Tutorials1. Color Book Pages Pouch by Damask Love

10 Must-Try Zipper Pouch Tutorials2. Hand Lettered Clutch by Paper & Stitch

10 Must-Try Zipper Pouch Tutorials3. No Sew Pouch by Homey Oh My

10 Must-Try Zipper Pouch Tutorials4. DIY Pencil Pouch by Alice & Lois

10 Must-Try Zipper Pouch Tutorials5. Painted Clutch via Martha Stewart Continue reading…