10 Must-Try Spray Paint DIYS

10 Must-Try Spray Paint DIYSIt’s is my firm crafty belief that you can transform just about anything with a fresh coat of spray paint. The stuff is basically like colorful magic in a can. And what’s better is that more often than not, the those easy peasy one step paint projects turn out to be some of the best. So if you’re looking to get in some spray painting in while you can still craft outside, here are ten must-try diys that you’ll want to make asap!

10 Must-Try Spray Paint DIYS1. Painted Berry Baskets by Lovely Indeed

10 Minute Vase DIY2. 10 Minute Vase by The Crafted Life

10 Must-Try Spray Paint DIYS3. Pattern Desk Organizers by Homey Oh My

10 Must-Try Spray Paint DIYS4. Storage Boxes by Better Homes & Garden Continue reading…