Cranberry Sauce Dipped Gift Tags

Time: 10 Minutes + dry time
Materials: tags, brush, cranberries, water, paper towel

Cranberry Sauce Dipped Gift TagsPerhaps it’s because my birthday tends to fall on Thanksgiving, but it’s just not my favorite holiday to make crafts for. This year, however, I came up with an idea that was too easy not to share. So if you’re in charge of bringing cranberry sauce to the big feast, save some for yourself so you can make these dipped gift tags!

Cranberry Sauce Dipped Gift TagsTo achieve this look, you’ll basically be making a “watercolor” type of paint with the cranberry sauce and water. Take 1 TSP of cranberry sauce and blend with 2 TSP water. Mesh with a form to make sure the pigment is released from the cranberries. Let sit for 2-3 minutes.

Paint on your tags with a brush. Depending on how many tags you make, you may need to add more water to your mixture as you go. Set tags aside and let dry. If you’re in a hurry, you can also blot dry with a paper towel, however, it may remove some pigment.

Cranberry Sauce Dipped Gift TagsSuch an easy way to add a little color to a hostess (or any!) gift, don’t you think?