Thrift Store Dresser Makeover

Time: ~ 2-3 days
Materials: paint, brush, hammer, sander, heat gun, scraper

Thrift Store Dresser Makeover

Next up in the garage makeover: a thrift store dresser makeover!

I found this beauty at Goodwill on half off furniture day for $8. The structure was in good condition, but the exterior, well as you can see from the photo above, that was a different story. I’ve stored my craft supplies in Ikea boxes over the years, which is a bit limiting. One advantage of converting our garage into a work space means that I have a dedicated space to leave my stuff (not just in piles around our living room anymore! Yay!).

Thrift Store Dresser MakeoverThis wasn’t the first time this dresser was painted. There were layers and layers of all sorts of colors hidden under the dirt on the outside. Instead of adding to the bulkiness and just painting over it again, I removed the paint with a heat gun and scraper. If you’ve never used a heat gun to remove paint before, just know that they’re amazing. Be careful though, they get extremely hot!

Thrift Store Dresser MakeoverRemoving the paint successfully from the dresser pulls was a bit more challenging (and honestly, not really worth the work) so I knocked them off with a hammer.

Thrift Store Dresser MakeoverBefore painting, I smoothed out the surface with a sander to ensure the surface would be even.

Thrift Store Dresser MakeoverThen of course, I painted it! I stuck to my blog’s color palette and chose a darker turquoise for the outside, while painting the sides of the drawers a sea green.

Thrift Store Dresser MakeoverTo incorporate a bit more of my blog design, I had painted the new knobs. You can see that tutorial right here!

Thrift Store Dresser MakeoverOne last thing was to replace the feet with wheels! Wheels allow me to move this about in the garage much easier than plain legs would. Plus, let’s face it, they’re much cuter.

Thrift Store Dresser MakeoverAnd that’s it! I can’t wait to show you how I actually use it in the garage!

Thrift Store Dresser Makeover

Thrift Store Dresser Makeover

PS Huge thanks to Meg for helping me complete this project <3