Travel Guide: Coney Island

Travel Guide: Coney IslandIf I had to pick one thing that makes me the happiest in life, it’s travel. I’ll essentially go anywhere at anytime and I try to do that as much as I possibly can. Coney Island has been on my bucket list for some time now, and now that I’m only a 2 hour drive away, I figured it was time to make it happen!

Travel Guide: Coney IslandFor those of you that don’t know, Coney Island is a neighborhood in NYC (a borough of Brooklyn) that also has a beach, boardwalk and an amusement park. It’s free to get in and you just pay for the games and rides you want. I drove up from Philly on Friday morning and was able to park right out front. Parking was $2 for two hours. If you’re looking for a cute date spot or just a day getaway, this place is perfection.

Travel Guide: Coney IslandMaybe it’s the hand painted signs, or the fact that I’ve seen Coney Island in enough movies, but the place has such a nostalgic feel to it. Not to mention how colorful and surprisingly clean everything was. I’m sure that changes based on the day, but for a Friday afternoon the crowds were low and everything was wonderful (aside from the 100°F weather)

Travel Guide: Coney IslandOne of my favorite parts from my visit was the Coney Art Walls. It’s basically an outdoor museum of street art that you can walk through, but also grab food from a food truck and sit amongst it. Again, if you’re looking to nail date night, or just score some dope Instagram photos, make plans to visit asap.

Travel Guide: Coney Island

Travel Guide: Coney IslandAnd of course no visit would be complete without a ride on the Wonder Wheel. An adult ticket was $8 and the wheel goes around two times. You can choose between a stationary car or one that swings. The pods are caged, so it might not be worth it if you’re only on it for an amazing beach photo. I say do it anyway because it’s fun!

Travel Guide: Coney Island

Travel Guide: Coney IslandEven though this was my first trip, it will not be my last. I’m also excited to head back in the fall when I can be out in the sun for a bit longer.

Have you ever been?! I’d love to hear any tips or tricks you have for visiting!

Travel Guide: Coney Island

  • Caitlin Kenney

    Did you go on the Cyclone?! Be warned: Since it’s so old, the ride is a bit jerky, but I still think it’s worth going once. It’s a piece of history!

    • I didn’t! I feel like I got my adrenaline rush from the ferris wheel haha! Maybe on my next trip I’ll find the courage :)

  • the cape on the corner

    never been but of course knew about it…but didn’t know how cute it was! only 2 hours from philly? hmmmm…

    • Right?! I had pretty low expectations going in (just so I wouldn’t be disappointed) but it’s really wonderful! If you’re in the area, it’s absolutely worth the trip :)

  • Laurel (A Bubbly Life)

    Beautiful photos Rachel! And brought lots of great memories back for me, the Cyclone was old & rickety when I was a kid, cannot imagine how it is now, lol

    • OMG thanks Laurel! I finally just upgraded my phone to take photos! And I can only image. I didn’t ride it this time, but maybe next time you’re back east we can give it a whirl? After some wine?

  • YESSSS!!!! One of my absolute FAVORITE spots in NYC! (probably not surprising, haha) – so glad you made the trip!

  • I loved this post! Such colorful bright photos! I’ve never been to Coney Island, but this certainly makes me want to go! <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

    • OMG thank you so much Clarissa! And you should absolutely add it to your bucket list :)