Treat Yo Self: April Favorites

The Crafted Life's favorite products for April


Was April a complete blur to anyone else? It feels like just yesterday I was reading about all the horrible pranks people were pulling on each other, and now May is this weekend! Even though you should probably use your money to pay rent for the upcoming month, here are some splurge items you might want to buy instead:

1. Bar Cart. It’s probably a good thing I don’t own this because I’m fairly certain I would ruin the paint job with drool. The inside is just as good too.

2. Sea Stripe Pillow. I’m getting ready to buy some outdoor furniture for my small patio and these pillows just scream summer. I love the pop of yellow!

3. Chi Chi London Oval Clutch Bag. Pink and gold? How can I resist? Plus I just love that oval shape.

4. Roller Skate Pin for my ever growing flair collection. The colors are just so rad!

5. Love Matchbox. Again, pink matches?! Take note retail stores, if it’s pink, I will probably want it.

6. Ruby Woo Lipstick. My go-to lipstick for longer wear. It’s matte so it last, just be sure to have a good chapstick because it does dry out your lips a bit.

7. T.V Eye Sunglasses. I have to wear my prescription sunglasses, but if I didn’t I would be allllll over these.