Weekend Links

How to Press Flowers(outtake from How to Press Flowers tutorial)

Alright Friday, it’s about time!

Things are going to be a bit hectic around here next week because… we’re moving! Yup, AGAIN! As much as I hate moving, especially twice in two months, the great news is that we found a wonderful apartment that even has a garage. That’s right friends, I’m finally upgrading from the floor to an actual work space! There will be plenty of home makeover and decor projects coming your way soon, but in the meantime, here are a few links to get you through the weekend:

– Fran from Fall for DIY launched an awesome new e-course this week! If you’ve ever wanted to master your DIY jewelry skills, you should definitely check this out!

– Such a lovely and easy desk makeover project.

– I’ve never seen storage this adorable before!

– Take advantage of the summer sun by making this delicious drink.

– If you loved this alcohol ink coaster project, then you’ll certainly love these marbled coasters.

Cutest. umbrellas. ever. Seriously, how brilliant is this project?!

PS I’ve got some great posts lined up for next week and you can always follow along the move (and catch a sneak peek of the new place) on Instagram!