What’s On My Nightstand: October

What's On My Nightstand What better day to kick off a new series than today?! And that new series is all about what I’m reading each and every month! Perhaps it was going through the act of writing a book myself, but it will forever blow my mind how many amazing, beautiful books there are in the world. All the thought, detail and creativity that had to happen for them to exist. It’s amazing. 

I find it so refreshing to walk to my neighborhood bookstore, browse around, and pick up a copy of what book/magazine jumps out and inspires me. If you’re in a creative rut of any sorts, I highly recommend this; it hands down beats scrolling through Instagram for hours.

Here’s currently what’s on my nightstand this month:

The Secret Lives of Color— if you love all things color and history, then this book is a MUST! The author (Kassia St.Clair) delves into colors, where they come from, and what role they’ve played in society.

Coco Cake Land— I was lucky to go to Lyndsay’s book release party in NYC a few weeks ago and try these cakes in person. Not only is the book full of do-able recipes, but you’ll actually enjoy eating them!

Good Company Magazine— Grace Bonney of Design Sponge released a biannual magazine that you’ve got to get your hands on. And if you’re in NYC, I hope to see you at the event tonight for issue #2!

Domino Magazine— a classic. I’m giving into grocery store magazine grabs lately and I’m not even mad about it.

I’d love to know– what are you reading?!


Don’t forget to make these happy pumpkins for your home (as seen above)!