10 Makers to Follow on Instagram

10 Makers to Follow on InstagramI absolutely love Instagram. It’s by far my favorite social media tool, both to use as a brand and a consumer. So today I’m rounding up the makers/shop owners who make my feed that much more enjoyable! If you’re looking for those revealing behind the scene shots, awesome handmade products, and the occasional cat/dog snap, you should follow these ten accounts asap:

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram1. Quill and Fox

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram2. Betsy & Iya

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram3. Cotton and Flax

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram4. The Flair Exchange

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram5. Honeycomb Studio

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram6. Aspen Summit

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram7. Small Adventure

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram8. Rock Salt Vintage

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram9. Shop the Coastal

10 Makers to Follow on Instagram10. The Object Enthusiast

I’d love to know, who are some of your favorite makers to follow? And if you’re looking to grow your brand on Instagram, try these handy tips!


  • I have many favorites. Today also I presented three of them on my blog. Instagram has become my addiction.

  • Aileen@AtHomeInLove

    Ooh, I’ve only heard of a couple of these! Gonna have to check the rest out :)

  • betsy & iya

    Rachel!!! Thank you *so* much for including us! You’re the best <3

    • Love, love, love your feed, especially the videos! Keep up the awesome work :)

      • betsy & iya

        Makes me so happy to hear that!!! We’ll definitely keep the vids coming- gotta do what we can to make Mondays bearable ;-)

  • Melissa

    THANK YOU! After looking and now following these IG accounts I think that part of my soul is in Portland. I tell Sharon that my heart belongs in Florida and my soul is hanging out in Cali with her… this might have changed it up.
    Plus, gotta love some Carmen, she’s the best! xo

    • Yessss, so many good things here in Portland too! Hopefully you can even visit soon? Carmen is nailing it for sure :)

  • Carmen-FlairExchange

    Aw! Thanks so much for including our IG account in your wrap up. So honored! Now I’m off to follow these other fabs gals.

    • Yay! My pleasure Carmen! Your account always makes me want to drink champagne and throw confetti. It’s amazing :)

  • Really lovely accounts. I recommend @welovehandmademag (http://instagram.com/welovehandmademag). 5 austrian DIY-Girls, me included. :)

    Best regards.

  • Oh wow, these are wonderful makers and photographers–followed! Thank you for sharing, Rachel! I also love the feeds of @hatchetandbear, @spectrumhandcrafted, and @inkprintrepeat.

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