The Crafted Baker: Valentine’s Day Cookies (and a cake!)

Valentine's Day CookiesHappy Valentine’s Day!! In an effort to stick to my resolution of learning how to decorate cookies well, I thought it would be fun to share my progress with you as I go. Not only will these posts serve as a fun visual diary, but sharing what I bake here means you can totally hold be accountable and call me out when you don’t see a post in a while. Y’all better call me out!

Let’s kick off the first post with these Valentine’s Day cookies I made for Ryan’s co-workers: Continue reading…

How to Make Your First Scrapbook

How to Make Your First ScrapbookOoooo friends, are you ready for a fun post or what?! For a few years now I’ve been crafting something off camera and thought it was about time I shared it with you. I’ve been making Ryan a scrapbook every year for Christmas since we started dating. Since this is Valentine’s Day week, I think it would also make a great gift for any of your loved ones (parents, friends, and yourself included)! Our time in life is so short, and technology break, so why not put more time into our memories?

Here’s how I made my first scrapbook and how you can too: Continue reading…

10 Colorful Office Spaces

10 Colorful Office SpacesIf there’s one space in your life that I recommend giving a colorful makeover to ASAP, it’s the office. While we might not look at the setting as anything more than a place where we have to be 8+ hours of the day, the truth is, you spend most of your life there. Everyday, Monday-Friday you’re in that space. So why not put in the time to make it an area that’s going to make you feel good?!

Because work is a little less gloomy with a splash of ROYGBIV,  be sure to bookmark these ten colorful office spaces. They’re the perfect inspiration to get you started on your journey of turning your desk into a joyful place!

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