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DIY Mounted Wall Desk[DIY Mounted Wall Desk]

I know, I know. Y’all have probably been asked to answer these types of questions a lot lately, but your insight really does help! I use your feedback to help shape The Crafted Life’s editorial calendar, so even if it seems small, it does have an effect on the content you see here. Before I plan the entire year out, I want to know what you love, hate, want to see! Tell me everything. It’s only 10 quick questions– answer what you want by filling out the form below or clicking here.

I’ll be sharing the results and my plan next week and am looking forward to hearing from you?


DIY Rainbow Circle Shelf

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DIY Rainbow Circle Shelf2019 is already shaping up to be the year of organizing DIYS over here! With that being said, I thought it was about time to organize my glasses collection because I have a bad habit of laying them all around the house… which leads me to spending time everyday trying to remember where I last had them. Really, it’s a problem. The open shelving of this DIY Rainbow Circle Shelf not only helps me see all my glasses at once, but it’s a great reminder to not just set them down as I please. With a few screws and a bit of paint, you can have your own storage solution too! Here’s how:  Continue reading…

Intentions for 2019 + Top Posts of 2018

[Photo by Mary Costa]

Is it just me or do resolutions not officially need to start until the week after new years? I feel like with all the holiday hustle and bustle, there needs to be time to chill out before going full force into life changing goals. This year I’ve decided to take the pressure off; instead of resolutions, I’m calling them intentions. Perhaps it’s the same thing, but the main point is to work towards the goal, rather than feel like a failure if I’m unable to complete it. I also think that mindset shift is important in the long run because so many times we give up on resolutions if we slip or mess up but with an intention, it’s okay as long as you get back on track. EITHER WAY! Here’s a bit of what I’ll be working towards in 2019: Continue reading…

DIY Mounted Wall Desk for Two

DIY Mounted Wall DeskHappy 2019 friends! What better way to start the new year than by getting your work area organized?! When Ryan and I moved to Brooklyn last year, we needed a solution to the problem of having two computers but no designated room for an office. We wanted desks to accommodate both of our work areas, but not overpower the size of our living room (it’s an open floor plan that leads into the kitchen). Essentially we wanted it to be functional and offer some storage for our small apartment, without looking clunky or disorganized since any guest that come over will see it. Not only was a mounted wall desk the best option for being both practical and cute, but it was also the most affordable (under $400) out of all the options researched. Here’s how:  Continue reading…