#TheCraftedWife: Our Engagement Shoot + Tips for Taking Photos in NYC

Our Engagement Shoot + Tips for Taking Photos in NYCIf you’re currently engaged and considering whether or not to do a shoot before the wedding I say absolutely do it! Weddings are certainly expensive and this is an additional cost, but if you can make it happen it’s worth it. I’m so in love with how these photos turned out, but they’ve also come in handy for other parts of wedding planning (wedding website, stationery, announcements, etc).

When I found out Mary Costa was visiting the east coast for a short trip, I knew we had to book our session with her! Here are some of my favorites from our shoot together plus a few tips if you’re looking to shoot in NYC! Continue reading…

How to Take Your Own Christmas Card Photo

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How to Take Your Own Christmas Card PhotoIf you’re like Ryan and me, you want to send a Christmas card, but don’t really want to spend the money to hire a photographer. Well good news– you can totally take the photo yourself! I am so excited to share this post with you guys because boy did we learn a lot during the process. With a little patience, and a bit of trial and error, we were able to get something we both loved. Here’s how to take your own Christmas card photoContinue reading…

3 Photo Editing Tricks for Brighter Photos

3 Photo Editing Tricks for Brighter PhotosIf there’s one thing that always catches my eye when browsing Pinterest, it’s a bright clean photo. Well that and just about any dessert recipe but that’s a whole other topic of discussion. Whether you’ve been taking pictures for years, or are just starting out, there are some easy tricks you can do right now to start producing brighter photos in post production!

Although there are several ways that you can edit your photos, I prefer Adobe Lightroom (I run version 4, but they’re up to 6 now). Note that these tips refer to their editing tools; if you don’t use Lightroom, I highly recommend it for photography!

3 Photo Editing Tricks for Brighter Photos

1. Make the background white. Not the background you shoot on, but the background in either Lightroom or Photoshop (which ever you use to edit your photos). If your background is darker, like grey or black, anything against those colors will automatically appear brighter. A white background will help you gauge how bright your photos are. This also helps you to get a preview of how the images will look on your site if your background is also white.

3 Photo Editing Tricks for Brighter Photos3 Photo Editing Tricks for Brighter Photos

2. Opt for vibrance, not saturation. If you want to ramp up the color in a natural way, increase the vibrance. A saturation adjustment will certainly give you bolder colors, but they start to look unnatural and overdone.

3 Photo Editing Tricks for Brighter Photos

3. Don’t rely on exposure. While adjusting the exposure will brighten your photos, it can also wash them out if you turn it up too high. Instead, brighten the whites, lighten the shadows, and even play with temperature. The photo above is the final edited version along with the exact changes I made. Notice that I barely adjusted the exposure setting (you’ll increase it less when working with colors, whites might require more of an increase).

So that’s it! Completely do-able tricks, don’t you think? And if you’re looking for even more photo editing tips, be sure to check out my Photo Styling 101 e-course! It covers everything from branding and composition to how to take brighter pictures on your camera from the start!

Photo Styling 101: An E-Course

Learn how to create stunning on-brand photos for your blog, shop, social media and more!The day is finally here! Photo Styling 101 is now available for purchase!

One of the questions you guys frequently ask is how do I take and edit my photos. So, to finally give you an in-depth answer, I’ve teamed up with the lovely ladies of Dear Handmade Life to create a jam packed e-course! Over the past nine months, I’ve been compiling all my tips + tricks that I’ve picked up along the past four years of blogging. I’ve been able to go from never holding a camera to having my work on Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Garden, Design Sponge and more. And I’m giving you alllll the insight for how I did it!

Learn how to create stunning on-brand photos for your blog, shop, social media and more!The course has nine chapters (each with downloadable worksheets) and covers everything you need to know about taking awesome photographs right away. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll learn:

– How to communicate your brand through your photographs

– What makes good styling and why it’s important

– How to photograph a project, step-by-step

– How to source and use props to enhance your photos

– How to choose the perfect background as well as how to create your own

– How to create a studio at home and on a budget

– Basic editing and DSLR camera skills

– My step by step guide for editing iPhone photos

Learn how to create stunning on-brand photos for your blog, shop, social media and more!Overall, this is really the guide I wish I had when I started blogging. I’m beyond thrilled to be sharing it with you, so to celebrate, use code AWESOMEPHOTOS at checkout for 10% off. Act fast and start taking better pictures today!

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