DIY Wooden Hanger Makeover

DIY Wooden Hanger MakeoverHello Color will officially be released into the world tomorrow! TOMORROW! To celebrate, and to hopefully get you just as excited as I am, I thought that I would share one of my favorite projects from the book– a wooden hanger makeover. This project is oh so simple to do but the results make a big impact.

Clothing aside, your closet may not seem like a place for color, but think again! Create gorgeous patterned hangers in minutes without being an artist or even making a mess. The trick? Temporary tattoos! That’s right, they’re not just for kids (or for skin!). They may seem like a simple detail, but it’s one that will make you smile on the days you decide to skip the sweatpants and dress up instead. Here’s how:

DIY Wooden Hanger MakeoverTime: 5 minutes


– Wooden hangers (mine are from Ikea. Get ones without a finish)

Temporary tattoos

– Scissors

– Sponge

– Towel

– Mod Podge

– Brush

DIY Wooden Hanger MakeoverIf needed, use scissors to trim your tattoo to fit the hanger. Peel the plastic off the front of the design and place it facedown on your hanger, so the white paper back is facing you.

Apply pressure with a damn sponge for about 30 seconds. Slowly lift the paper to reveal the tattoo. Lightly dab off excess water with a towel and leave your hanger to air dry. Repeat with remaining hangers.

Seal the designs by brushing on a layer of Mod Podge and let dry. All that’s left to do is hang your clothes up and enjoy!

DIY Wooden Hanger MakeoverAnd if you want to personalize this project one step further, you can always make your own temporary tattoos!

DIY Wooden Hanger Makeover

DIY Wooden Hanger Makeover