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Coming September 24, 2024! Pre-order now!

Colorful Living book cover

Color can influence your feelings, affect your moods, control how you interact with your home, and even change how you feel about yourself.

Throughout the book, I’ll take you step by step through your home (walls, furniture, decor, art), your closet (clothing jewelry, shoes, accessories), and other aspects of your lifestyle, sharing simple, creative and fun ways to add pops of your desired colors everywhere. Identify your favorite shades and create a calming reading book, a power outfit, or an entryway that makes guest feel welcome.

Easy-to-follow exercises help you define your personal color palette and inspire you to harness the power of color in your life. My ideas are accessible, affordable, and designed for longevity—because when you mindfully choose items based on colors and styles that make you happy (versus those that social media says you should buy), you’re more likely to love what you have.

This one-of-a-kind, vividly illustrated guide to color will help you liven up your life, whether you love chartreuse, light gray, hot pink, haint blue—or all four at the same time.

Learn how to use color to create a vibrant living space, a wardrobe you love, and a life filled with wonder in this practical guide.

Colorful Living hits bookshelves on September 24, 2024. Preorder your copy from your favorite retailer or request at your local bookstore!


A look inside Hello Color

Scared of color, but hate all-neutral looks? Rachel Mae Smith's Hello Color has a ton of nifty, cost-effective methods for spicing up your living space with bright DIY projects.

Bring color into every room of your home with Hello Color: 25 Bright Ideas for DIY Decor! Made for beginning crafters and aspirational DIYers, Hello Color shares the simple joys of hand making and bringing brightness to everything. 

Learn to make Pom-Pom Votive Candle Holders, Party Animal Coasters, Geometric Patterned Pillows, and so much more. Helpful sidebars on decorating, like Staging a Beautiful Bookcase and building Bar Carts for Beginners, give you ideas for perking up accessories so that any space can look colorful. Plus how-tos on working with specific materials, ideas for entertaining, and—of course—a guide to shooting pictures. And as a special bonus, tear-out posters in the back make it easy for you to decorate your walls in a snap!

Perfect for any beginner crafter. Order your copy of Hello Color from your favorite retailer or request at your local bookstore today!