6 DIY Jewelry Displays

6 DIY Ways to Display JewelryLet it be known that I stink at keeping my jewelry organized. I don’t know what it is I do, but I can’t even tell you the number of single earrings I have in my collection. In attempts to do better, I found these 6 DIY ways to display jewelry. Who knows, maybe if I make them all, one of them will stick? Wish me luck people.

6 DIY Ways to Display Jewelry1. Easy Clay Dishes by Hello Natural

6 DIY Ways to Display Jewelry2. DIY Wooden Jewelry Box by Craft Hunter

6 DIY Ways to Display Jewelry3. $10 Jewelry Holder by Hammer and Heels

6 DIY Ways to Display Jewelry4. Jewelry Display Blocks by Emily Henderson

6 DIY Ways to Display Jewelry5. Hanging Jewelry Display by I Spy DIY

6 DIY Ways to Display Jewelry6. 5 Minute Jewelery Stand by The Crafted Life


And if you’re looking for more jewelry project to fill up your new displays with, give these fifteen a try

  • Monique

    I love all of these!


  • I love the clay dishes! We live in a super tiny place, so storing jewelry needs to also look pretty, because pretty much anyone who comes over will see it!