nycGUYS IT’S TRUE! I’m moving to NYC! After more than a year of being in a long distance relationship (Ryan’s in Manhattan, I’m Philly), we’re finally moving in together this Friday! And because I’m sure you’re all curious, here’s why:

Never in a million years did I think that writing a dating column on this blog would lead me to finding the actual love of my life, but here we are. To be completely honest, I don’t know that I ever saw myself living in New York before now. It’s fast paced, expensive, hella crowded, and I still find it a little intimidating; however New York is also full of amazing art, museums, shops, adventure, food, people, etc. I constantly feel inspired when I visit and am so eager to explore more.

Another bonus is that Ryan’s family will only be a train ride away and it’s going to be so lovely to spend more time with them. Because I run my blog as a full time job, and am fortunate to live/work anywhere I want, I’m saying screw it to the nerves and making the leap. Life is short and love is rare so why not?! I’m terrified, excited, and so ready to not have to spend another weekend traveling back and forth on a crowded bus.

nycBrooklyn Map from People I’ve Loved

Now let’s dish on the apartment. We got a cute one bedroom in Fort Greene (Brooklyn). It’s certainly smaller than my Philly apartment, but it’s a beautiful space with large windows and white kitchen cabinets. And honestly my favorite part of the whole thing is that we’ll have a linen closet in the bathroom. I can’t tell you how much I talk about the damn thing, but I know Ryan can. The space will be a challenge, but I’m so excited to figure out how to make it work and to show you how we’re going to decorate!

There’s so many fun posts coming your way about small-living organization, how to combine decorating styles as a couple, before/afters and of course, how to make your home a bit more colorful with DIYS. In the meantime, I have to get back to packing because I take off in just a few days! Wish me luck!


PS On Friday this week I will be sharing a Instastory tour of the apartment when we arrive, so make sure you’re following along!

  • orchidgrey

    Fully in support of this for many reasons, which you know, but selfishly because you’ll be 2.5 hours closer to meeeeeeeee xoxoxo

  • Daria Perrone

    Congrats girl!

  • Ryan Michaud

    Can’t wait to start our lives together! I love you!

    • Eeeeeee! And you know I can’t wait for that linen closet! hahah <3

  • malva

    congratulations!! success and your new life. I’m your fan and I’m sure this change will be for the best. Greetings from La Paz, BCS.

  • Nan Ingraham

    I came across your Blog/Post about color in life a little while back, and you make me happy. I am so glad I found this in my email box today. I work at a garden center, so it’s really busy right now… ( and colorful!) It is a wonder I even looked. Good luck in NYC, you will do great! Nan on Cape Cod Ma.

    • Nan– what a sweet message! Thank you so much! I’m loving it here so far :) PS your work sounds so beautiful and fun!

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