Crafter’s Toolbox: 10 Must-Have Adhesives

Whether you're new to DIY or an experienced maker, no crafter's toolbox would be complete without these 10 must-have adhesives! Whether you’re new to DIY or an experienced maker, no crafter’s toolbox would be complete without these 10 must-have adhesives:

1. Washi Tape – of course this decorative tape is perfect for scrapbooking and gift wrapping. I also love using it for taping off lines in painting projects on recently painted surfaces.

2. Decoupage – just the coolest stuff! You can get it for a variety of surfaces (think fabric mod podge) or just a general multi-surface one. I personally love the multi-surface one from Martha Stewart because it dries clear and can be used on indoor/outdoor items. It’s also dishwasher safe (on the top rack). Here’s a decoupage project you might like. You can also use it to make glitter shoes!

3. Gel Medium – the primary function of gel medium is to broaden the technical capabilities and results of acrylic paints, however it can also be used as an adhesive. The consistency is thick so you can layer it to create depth or just use it for making collages (because of the strong hold). One of the more common uses is for diy image transfers.

4. E-6000 Glue – my go-to glue! Works on a variety of surfaces and is permanent. Think of it as a really amazing super glue.

5. Tacky Glue – tacks faster than most glues and can be easily cleaned. Usable on a variety of surfaces, but ideal for paper projects.

6. Hot Glue Gun – great and fast drying! Just be careful to avoid burns.

7. Easy Tack Spray Adhesive – perfect for using when stenciling (holds stencil down but is also repositionable). I’ve also heard that this works great for re-sticking your die machine mats, but haven’t tried it for myself.

8. Fabric Fusion – If you don’t have a sewing machine, this is the glue you want to use for those no-sew projects. Fabric will also be machine washable once glue is dry.

9. Wood Glue – super strong bond and the ideal adhesive to use when glueing two or more pieces of wood to one another.

10. Tape Runner – allows you to apply a double sided adhesive quickly and smoothly. It’s great for paper projects like lining envelopes, making garlands, or general scrapbooking since it’s acid free.

*I’d love to know, what are some adhesives you can’t live without? Anything I left off the list?

The Crafter’s Essential Guide to the Hardware Store

The Crafter's Essential Guide to the Hardware StoreAlright fellow crafters, here’s the drill (pun intended!). I know that the idea of shopping for your craft supplies at the hardware store can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming at times, especially when more often than not, stores have about 100 aisles to go through. The good news is that I’ve teamed up with Orchard Supply Hardware to make this process completely approachable and painless as possible.

And while this list could be twice as long with other fun items you may find at a hardware store, here are my essentials items that can be used in a number of ways, ensuring the most bang for your buck. There’s also a free printable AND giveaway at the end of this post that you won’t want to miss!

TAPE1. Tape. Of course! There is a huge variety of tape that can be found at the hardware store these days, especially at Orchard Supply. Masking, packing, washi and even glitter duct tape, you name it. I highly recommend Scotch Blue’s specific type of painter’s tape made especially for taping off designs on recently painted surfaces (for all your thrift store makeover needs). You can also use it for the follow projects:

The Crafter's Essential Guide to the Hardware StoreFruit Slice UmbrellasHalf Painted DoorGeometric Photo Booth Backdrop

The Crafter's Essential Guide to the Hardware Store2. Cork Rounds. Typically found in the nursery section of the store, cork rounds can be used for more than just soaking up excess plant water. The backs tend to be made of hard plastic, making them perfect to use on multiple surfaces.  Here are just a few examples of the projects you can make with them:

The Crafter's Essential Guide to the Hardware StorePainted Photo FramesBulletin BoardDIY Mousepad

The Crafter's Essential Guide to the Hardware Store3. Dowel Rods. Incredibly versatile AND cheap. What’s not to love? Dowels come in a number of sizes and shapes (you can get square ones too) and can be used as long individual pieces or chopped up into multiple smaller ones, depending on your project. The following projects are a great way to start experimenting with them if you haven’t before:

The Crafter's Essential Guide to the Hardware StoreBlanket Ladder, Coffee Cup Holder, Inkodyed Wall Hanging

The Crafter's Essential Guide to the Hardware Store4. Copper Fittings. You don’t need to know a thing about plumbing to use copper fittings in your projects! If you can’t find the right size you’re looking for, you can even buy large copper tubing and cut it, like I did in this necklace diy. Here are a few other ways to bring the ever-so-trending copper into your life:

The Crafter's Essential Guide to the Hardware Store Copper Flower Bud VasesCopper iPad Stand, Copper Necklace Continue reading…

30 Minute Frame Makeover

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: frame, Montana spray paint, Montana acrylic paint maker, drop cloth, paper, tape 30 Minute Frame MakeoverI’ve had the same print and frame for about three years now. In between all of our moves it’s gotten a little beaten up (hey, the frame was only $4 at Target, I can’t complain). Instead of ditching it for a new one, I decided to give it a quick makeover! (print by Scout’s Honor Paper) 30 Minute Frame MakeoverEarlier this week I showed you a project with Montana acrylic paint makers and another with their spray paint. Today I’m going to combine the two, because hey, why not! You can find matching marker and spray paint sets in 36 colors AND you can enter to win some for yourself (see below). Now, on to the tutorial:  30 Minute Frame MakeoverStart by painting your frame white. Once dry, tape off the corners and paint with your secondary color. Make sure your paint is completely dry, otherwise the paint will peel up with the tape. It’s also a good idea to cover the other half (thick paper works), so you don’t see any speckling. Once you frame is dry, create you pattern with your matching Montana paint marker. The 2mm tips are great for creating the perfect small polka dot. 30 Minute Frame Makeover 30 Minute Frame Makeover Don’t forget– if you entered already, you can still earn more entries today! Giveaway open to US and Canada residents. Ends Friday at 5:00pm PST. Good luck!

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Crafter’s Toolbox: Tape Runner

Crafter's Toolbox: Tape Runner

I’m pretty excited to talk about tape runners today because they pretty much changed my life. Well, not so much my life, but they’ve certainly made crafting with paper a heck of a lot easier!

Instead of busting out an assortment of glues or getting your hands sticky from other tapes, a tape runner allows you to apply a double sided adhesive quickly and smoothly. It’s great for paper projects like lining envelopes, making garlands, or general scrapbooking since it’s acid free. It also comes in handy when wrapping gifts.


Crafter's Toolbox: Tape Runner(from DIY Envelopes tutorial)

The hold is surprisingly strong and you can choose whether or not your tape is permanent or repositionable. Once the tape runs out, you can keep the dispenser and just buy refills. They’re relatively inexpensive and run anywhere from $4-$5. If you don’t already have one of these in your crafter’s toolbox, I recommend picking one up stat (this one is my favorite)!

P.S. There’s more back to school projects happening today! Be sure to stop by Coco Cake Land for Apple Pie Donuts + Cake Toppers and Confetti Sunshine for a giant free printable.