5 Tips for Long-Distance Dating

5 Tips for Long Distance DatingBefore moving to New York last June, Ryan and I dated long distance for over a year (from Philly to NYC). It’s not for the feint of heart, and although I may be biased now, it’s well worth it. We learned a lot during those bus rides back and forth and thought it would be fun to share our top five tips for long-distance dating!  Continue reading…

Let’s Chat: 5 Tips for Staying Focused


5 Tips and Tricks for How to Stay Focused[Source]

Man oh man is it hard to work in the summer. When happy hours can finally be enjoyed outside, and the beach is calling, who wants to sit at the desk indoors?! Sometimes life is just too damn wonderful to work. But just because it’s the season of fun doesn’t mean that bills have magically disappeared and that deadlines don’t exist. I know. It’s the worst.

Instead of spending all day daydreaming about what you wish you were doing and not getting anything done, here are my 5 tips for staying focused so you can knock out your work asap and hopefully (fingers crossed) cut out early!

1. Hide your phone. Well, don’t hide it to where you can’t find it, just put it in the other room. And turn iMessage off if you’re on a Mac. We’re all in the habit of mindlessly checking our phones. I mean, how many times have you closed Instagram just to reopen it a second later? Hell, I checked my phone at least ten times while writing this post. But the truth is that 99% of what you’re looking at and doing on your phone can wait an hour or two until you take a break. Use it as motivation; checking your phone in x amount of time is your reward for staying focused.

If you absolutely have your phone by you, delete your social apps. It’s amazing how less likely you are to log on when you have to go through a process to do it. Another trick I’ve found is that on the days I don’t check social media until at least an hour or two after I wake up, I want to check it less throughout the day.

2. Change your music. When I need to get a ton of writing done, I actually turn of my music all together. It’s amazing how distracting singing along to your favorite songs can be. If you absolutely cannot function without background music, try listening to something instrumental. Spotify has so many ‘get focused’ playlists, that I know you’ll find one you like. And you better believe I’m going to work on one for the blog to share soon!

3. Go for a walk. Step away for some fresh air, even if it’s just around the block. You will probably tell yourself you don’t have the time, but you do. It’s ten minutes, if that. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with to-do list and deadlines that we freeze and can’t work at all. Clear your head, slow down for a few minutes, and then get back into what you were working on with fresh eyes and a clear head.

4. Work somewhere new. I recently discovered that a change of scenery can work wonders. Anytime I need the pressure put on, I head to a coffee shop. Not only are there less distractions, but you’re also more inclined to sit up straight in your chair and keep your eyes on your computer. Plus there’s always something about having the pressure of strangers’ eyes on your screen that is a small deterrent from taking Buzzfeed quizzes and looking at memes.

5. Get dressed. Okay, so this one is just if you’re working from home. Working in pajamas is wonderful and comfortable, but when you’re feeling distracted, it’s too easy to go from your desk to your bed without feeling guilty about it. Toss on some structured clothes, uncomfortable shoes, and even do your hair and makeup if that’s part of your normal routine. It helps to feel like you’re working at an office, even if you’ve never left the house.


PS If you have any additional tips to share, please leave them in the comments! I’d love to have backup ideas!


Let’s Chat: How to Hire Successfully

How to Hire Successfully [Grab this free printable here!]

You did it. You got to the place in your business where you’re ready to hire. Helllllllll yes, CONGRATS! Celebrate the shit out of that fact! Then… keep this post in mind so that those warm fuzzy feelings stay. Oh and before going any further, I should make it clear that I am talking specifically about contract and part-time creative work (i.e photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, etc) in this post. If you’re hiring full time employees, then I owe you a glass of champagne because that’s amazing. Okay, let’s chat.

So as it turns out, hiring for your business is tricky. As if getting to the point where you were making enough extra money to hire wasn’t hard enough, right? When you put all of your time and tears into something, you very rightfully so become very protective of it. And to be honest, you probably have a vision of perfection in your head that may not even be obtainable. And that’s okay, it’s what pushes you to do better and better. But it’s important to manage your expectations as much as possible to avoid any disappointment. After all, you’re hiring, it’s exciting. It should be a win-win for you and whoever you choose to work with.  Continue reading…

Let’s Chat: Nurturing your Creativity

Nurturing your CreativityAlright friends, we’re going to kick Monday off with some real talk: it’s been a while since I’ve felt creative. I know right now you’re probably thinking, umm girl you run a DIY blog for a living, what are you talking about?! But hear me out.

I love being a blogger more than I can honestly express. I love and am proud of the content that has been produced here over the years and it has pushed me to be better as a photographer/stylist/etc. But with that being said, there is strategy and reason behind every post. Before I hit publish I have to ask myself a series of questions, do the images relate back to my brand? how does this tie into my long term goals? is it okay to say fuck in a blog post? If you’ve ever turned a hobby into a job, I know you know the feeling.

Nurturing your Creativity Continue reading…