10 Beautiful Bathrooms

10 Beautiful Bathrooms(via Design Milk)

Alright friends, lets be honest. A good bathroom, with the perfect amount of sink space and a deep bathtub, is one the best aspects about traveling and staying in hotel rooms. But since a majority of us don’t live on the road, we’re stuck with our regular old bathrooms. But we don’t have to be. These ten beautiful bathrooms show that with a little bit of work (okay in some cases a lot), it is possible to have your home feel like a designer hotel. Sometimes you just need some pink tile in your shower.

If you’re a renter like me, there are still some quick fixes you can mix into your bathroom to make it a bit more beautiful. Swap those generic drug store bottles for pretty uniform ones (like this DIY). Upgrade your common fixtures, like nobs, shower head and toilet paper holder for nicer ones. And when in doubt and on a budget, a new shower curtain can work wonders.

10 Beautiful Bathroomsvia Domino

10 Beautiful Bathroomsvia Domino

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