The Business Bar + Two Free #GIRLBOSS Printables

Free #GIRLBOSS PrintableI am so excited about today’s post I can hardly contain myself.

I just finished reading the book #GIRLBOSS, and let me tell you, it blew my mind. Seriously, it’s a must read if you haven’t already! So I don’t forget all of Sophia’s wisdom, I thought it would be fun to turn her words into art/daily reminders to have around the house. And what better way to bring you The Crafted Life’s first ever printable than by teaming up with one of the most badass #GIRLBOSSes I know, Jordan Brantley.

If you aren’t familiar with Jordan, she’s the brains behind my site design. More importantly, she just founded The Business Bar, which is an awesome resource for small businesses that need help improving their brand identity, marketing strategies, content design and more. They also sell a wide variety of workbooks that are great for any budget.

If you have your own business, or are considering starting one, I hope you’ll check them out. Plus you can use the code: crafted for $10 off! Now, on to the downloads:

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