Rainbow Printable + Wallpaper Downloads

Rainbow Wallpaper + Printable DownloadsWhile I’m not a fan of St.Patrick’s day, if there’s one element of the holiday I had to get on board with, it would be the rainbow decorations! So I decided to make two different colorful printable designs for you. Use them as your phone wallpaper or print them and hang them up, or why not both?! Whether you’re celebrating the holiday, or you just want to add a bit of ROYGBIV to each and every day, be sure to grab these free printable + wallpaper downloads:

Rainbow Wallpaper + Printable DownloadsSneak Peek Alert! The yellow confetti pen will be part of the product available in the online shop opening in just a few weeks! Sign up for the newsletter to hear about it first (and to get a discount code on launch day)!

Rainbow Wallpaper + Printable DownloadsThe first design celebrates finding that thing that brings you joy aka your rainbow. It’s a great reminder to have on the walls or to carry with you daily on your phone!

Click here to download the Find Your Rainbow design.

Rainbow Wallpaper + Printable DownloadsTo print, just save to your computer and press print. The nicer the paper you use, the more the colors will pop. The files should already be the correct size for printing on a home computer.

Rainbow Wallpaper + Printable Downloads

Rainbow Wallpaper + Printable DownloadsAnd if you prefer all the rainbows, don’t worry, I have you covered! The second download is a rainbow print. Because on rainbow is truly never enough!

Click here to download the rainbow print files.

So that’s it! I really hope you like these and that they bring a bit of color and joy to your day. If you do use them, tag me– I’d love to see your space!

Rainbow Wallpaper + Printable Downloads

Rainbow Wallpaper + Printable DownloadsJ