Book Birthday + Giveaway!

Hello Color: 25 bright ideas for DIY home decor


Writing a book was by far the biggest and most challenging project I’ve taken on in my career and it’s been so surreal to see copies of it out in the world, on store and library shelves, and in your homes! What a freaking honor!

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Hello Color Book Tour Recap!

Hello Color Book TourMan I hope you guys love photos because today I’m finally sharing all the snaps from the Hello Color book tour! For five weeks this summer (during July – August) Ryan and I had the privilege of driving across the country together to meet and craft with some of you. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to be able to hangout with some of you face to face and to celebrate this accomplishment. Sometimes working by yourself feels like you’re just pushing content into a void, but this trip was the nicest reminder of why it is I do what I do. It was a summer of adventure and color and one I’ll never forget, so thank you!

I also want to give a quick shoutout to the brands that helped make this trip possible. A book tour is no joke in terms of planning and execution and I’m so grateful to have received a bit of help along the way! Terra Chips was kind enough to sponsor a leg of the trip and provide us with snacks throughout. Martha Stewart, Plaid, and Fiskars all donated supplies for the workshops. Hotel Tonight put us up in a few cities, and Enterprise was kind enough to help with some car expenses. Thank you all again!

Now on to the fun!

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Meet the Artists of Hello Color

Meet the Artists of Hello ColorOne of my favorite things about my book is that in the back, there is art that you can tear out to hang on your wall. That’s right, every copy of the book comes with an instant gallery wall! The pages are perforated making it easy to remove the art AND the book still lays flat after all the pieces are removed. It’s seriously worth the cost of the book alone (not like I’m biased or anything, but for real, you can order it anywhere books are sold like AmazonBarnes and NobleBook-A-MillionIndiebound, even your favorite local bookstore).

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Free Art Print + Downloads!

Free Art Print + Downloads!Friends! We’re only six weeks from my book, Hello Color, launching! OMG SIX WEEKS! Because I don’t want your support to go unnoticed because it is so very, very appreciated, and really the only reason I’m able to do what I do, I teamed up with Ink and Mortar to create custom free downloads when you pre-order a copy of the book! Whether you’re looking for colorful art for your walls, phone, or computer, we have you covered.

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