Treat Yo Self: June Favorites

Treat Yo Self: June FavoritesHappy official summer everyone! Maybe it’s the heat, but I’m finding it harder and harder to focus when there’s swimming and patio drinking to be had. And the more time I spend outside, the less time I’m on the internet to online shopping. Okay, but who am I really kidding. There’s always a time to online shop, weather and number of cocktails be damned. Here are some of my favorite finds from this month:

1. Ice Cream Stud Earrings– the essential earrings for summer! And let’s be honest, for the whole year if you’re an ice cream enthusiast like me.

2. Pom Pom Basket– I have been drooling over Eliza Gran’s pom poms since I found one of her wall hangings at a shop in LA. I just love the pom and basket combo!

3. Notebook Set– just the cutest notebooks to toss in your bag and go! Because ideas can strike at anytime.

4. Love Potion Flask– because drinking from a flask is a whole lot cuter and more acceptable when you call the booze love potion, right?

5. Phi Scissors– the gold and the shape of these! Swoon!

May Favorites

May FavoritesHope you all enjoyed the long weekend! The last day of May is already here, can you believe it?! If you didn’t blow all your money on Memorial Day sales, here are some of my favorite products that I came across this month.

1. Ceramic Ring Dish. I’ve been ogling The Object Enthusiast for a year or two now. These golden triangles are so cute that I think it’s time I take finally the plunge.

2. Candle cute floral pattern and gold lid? Obviously that’s a yes please.

3. Side Table by Jonathan Adler. Well, I can confidently say that I will never be able to afford this table, but boy is it pretty! PS if you buy this, please invite me over to drool on it, k?

4. Floral Tumbler. You’re going to need a disguise for sneaking mojitos into the pool this summer and this floral tumbler is just cute enough to fool everyone.

5. Dolly Pin. Dolly Parton is clearly a queen and a kickass woman. Why not wear her on your bag and take her everywhere you go?

6. Watermelon Pencil Case. Even though I know this is a pencil case, I think it would be just so cute for a travel cosmetics bag. Plus I mean, look at all that glitter.

Anything on your favorites list?


Treat Yo Self: April Favorites

The Crafted Life's favorite products for April


Was April a complete blur to anyone else? It feels like just yesterday I was reading about all the horrible pranks people were pulling on each other, and now May is this weekend! Even though you should probably use your money to pay rent for the upcoming month, here are some splurge items you might want to buy instead:

1. Bar Cart. It’s probably a good thing I don’t own this because I’m fairly certain I would ruin the paint job with drool. The inside is just as good too.

2. Sea Stripe Pillow. I’m getting ready to buy some outdoor furniture for my small patio and these pillows just scream summer. I love the pop of yellow!

3. Chi Chi London Oval Clutch Bag. Pink and gold? How can I resist? Plus I just love that oval shape.

4. Roller Skate Pin for my ever growing flair collection. The colors are just so rad!

5. Love Matchbox. Again, pink matches?! Take note retail stores, if it’s pink, I will probably want it.

6. Ruby Woo Lipstick. My go-to lipstick for longer wear. It’s matte so it last, just be sure to have a good chapstick because it does dry out your lips a bit.

7. T.V Eye Sunglasses. I have to wear my prescription sunglasses, but if I didn’t I would be allllll over these.

Treat Yo Self: March Favorites

@thecraftedlife's product picks for the month of March!Perhaps it was the warmer weather, but lately I’ve had my eye on really colorful and playful products. And although I didn’t purchase anything this month (I should buy something to reward myself for that, right?), a girl can still dream. Here are just some of my favorites from the month of March:

1. Salt and Pepper Grinders. So simple and clean. Plus don’t even get me started on the colors. I feel like it’ll be a true sign that I’ve made it as an adult when I can buy expensive salt and pepper shakers.

2. Pink Hockney Boob Pot. Yaaasssss. What better way to show off your new plants than with a boob pot?! Gotta love the Hockney inspired tank too.

3. Tropical Punch Necklace. I have one of Emily Green’s necklaces already, but I’m thinking I should add another to the collection. These colors are so fun too!

4. Brass Watering Can. The shape of this watering can is just amazing. Plus it’s brass, which is timeless!

5. Rainbow Cooler Bag. Need I even say more? You can use this as a purse too! Now, just waiting for summer to get here so I can take this to the park.

What have you had your eye this month?