Treat Yo Self: March Favorites

@thecraftedlife's product picks for the month of March!Perhaps it was the warmer weather, but lately I’ve had my eye on really colorful and playful products. And although I didn’t purchase anything this month (I should buy something to reward myself for that, right?), a girl can still dream. Here are just some of my favorites from the month of March:

1. Salt and Pepper Grinders. So simple and clean. Plus don’t even get me started on the colors. I feel like it’ll be a true sign that I’ve made it as an adult when I can buy expensive salt and pepper shakers.

2. Pink Hockney Boob Pot. Yaaasssss. What better way to show off your new plants than with a boob pot?! Gotta love the Hockney inspired tank too.

3. Tropical Punch Necklace. I have one of Emily Green’s necklaces already, but I’m thinking I should add another to the collection. These colors are so fun too!

4. Brass Watering Can. The shape of this watering can is just amazing. Plus it’s brass, which is timeless!

5. Rainbow Cooler Bag. Need I even say more? You can use this as a purse too! Now, just waiting for summer to get here so I can take this to the park.

What have you had your eye this month?