Free Printable: Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card

DIY Bridesmaid Card Printable (+ Maid of Honor!)The wedding plans are moving right along! We have the date, the venue, most of our vendors, and now officially our wedding party! I wanted the asking my Bridesmaids to be more than sending a text; it needed to be special because it’s such a big deal to have people you love stand with you, ya know?!

When looking for a Will You Be My Bridesmaid card, I couldn’t find what exactly I was looking for. Like at all. Surprisingly nothing was colorful enough. Instead of settling on something that I just didn’t like, I teamed up with illustrator Megan Roy to make a Crafted Life version! And today I’m sharing the downloadable files with you PLUS a version for the Maid of Honor! Grab them below: Continue reading…

#TheCraftedWife: Our Engagement Party!

DIY Backyard Engagement Party

When Ryan and I got engaged, his parents asked us if we wanted an engagement party. Truthfully, I thought it would end up being something similar to a birthday party. We had already told our friends and family after Ryan asked me and then went right into wedding planning. I cannot tell you how wrong I was! The party ended up being one of the best and most special days of my life. It’s so important to take time and really celebrate your relationship without all of the chaos of wedding planning.

It doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money to throw something special together either! Here’s how our backyard engagement party came together (plus a few tips to keep in mind):

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#TheCraftedWife: Our Proposal Story

#TheCraftedLife: Our Proposal StoryHappy April friends! I know y’all have been curious about the proposal since the announcement so today is the day! Ryan and I were very much open with our feelings and intentions throughout the relationship, so when the topic of marriage came up a year and a half in, we were both excited to be on the same page and be able to discuss it out loud (seriously I’m so thankful). Here’s how everything went down: Continue reading…