#TheCraftedWife: Our Proposal Story

#TheCraftedLife: Our Proposal StoryHappy April friends! I know y’all have been curious about the proposal since the announcement so today is the day! Ryan and I were very much open with our feelings and intentions throughout the relationship, so when the topic of marriage came up a year and a half in, we were both excited to be on the same page and be able to discuss it out loud (seriously I’m so thankful). Here’s how everything went down:

#TheCraftedLife: Our Proposal StoryRyan was given his great grandmother’s ring (pictured on my hand above) in January and we wanted to turn it into something for the both of us so we went to a jeweler. It was important for us to do this together for a few reasons. 1. I honest to god hate surprises. Not a fan, never will be. 2. I don’t typically wear jewelry other than plastic pieces, so we wanted to get the sizing, coloring, and setting just right to avoid spending any additional money later. 3. It solidified that we both wanted to move forward in the relationship.

After getting a recommendation from my friend, we ended up at Ken and Dana in Manhattan. I tried on different rings in different metals, we talked about our vision for the ring, and they took notes and showed us something similar that could be done. After leaving the appointment, I left the ball in Ryan’s court and didn’t want to know anything else about what he was planning to do for the proposal, just that it would happen eventually.

#TheCraftedLife: Our Proposal StoryFast forward to March 8th (turns out custom rings take a while to make), and Ryan and I are heading to dinner. I had texted friends earlier in the day thinking that he was going to do it because he made a reservation, which is something we just don’t typically do. Like I was panicking because again, I’m just not that in love with surprises. I was able to keep it somewhat together and the night progressed.

As we’re walking to dinner, Ryan tells me he’s starting to not feel well. I tell him it’s no big deal, we’ll just cancel dinner and head home. He says the fresh air is helping, so he wanted to keep walking. We ended up right by the park by our house and we started walking in. There’s a slight incline in the park, so obviously I’m thinking what sick person wants to walk up a hill, this is it right?! Once we get to the top, we can see the Manhattan skyline and the Empire State building was lit up pink for International Women’s Day. He pulls out his phone, starts playing our song, and got down on one knee. AND DUH I SAID YES!!!

We were Face Timing our parents and jumping up and down crying, but when we looked behind us there was a couple breaking up (sorry if you were that couple). We left the park, went to a restaurant we’ve been to and loved before, had a nice meal and champagne. It was perfect.

#TheCraftedLife: Our Proposal StoryAnd now for some details of the ring! I am just SO in love with it (pink ring box from The Mrs. Box)! The center stone was the center stone from his great grandmother’s ring. We plan on using the other smaller diamonds in our wedding bands, inlayed on the inside of the bands, so we each have a piece of it which is so special.

We have already found a venue and the date is set– hello spring 2020! I’ll be sharing more details and DIYS as everything unfolds. I’ll be tagging everything with #TheCraftedWife so that you can find it if you miss anything! CAN. NOT. WAIT!

#TheCraftedLife: Our Proposal Story

#TheCraftedLife: Our Proposal Story