Studio Warming Party Recap

@thecraftedlife studio warming partyEven though this site is far, far away from being a party blog, I’m a firm believer that all good things should be celebrated. Life is just more fun that way!

Last Saturday we invited friends and family to come check out our new space before furnishing it. It’s been such a whirlwind since signing the lease that it didn’t feel real until I looked around at a room full of people and realized they were in my studio. Like my name is on the door studio. Excuse me while I jump up and down 1,000,000 more times. Anyway, here’s a mini recap in case you missed the Instastory!

@thecraftedlife studio warming party

@thecraftedlife studio warming partyAbove all, I wanted the space to be colorful and to feel happy. Thanks to Flower Muse, I was able to set up a tulip bar where all of the guests could make mini bouquets to take home when they left. I’ve never done that for a party before, but it was such a hit that I will certainly be doing it again in the future!

@thecraftedlife studio warming partyThe event took place on a Saturday morning, so helloooo mimosas. I filled one pitcher (from Crate & Barrel) with OJ and orange slices and then guests could pour their own champagne ratio. The other dispenser had mint and cucumber, or as I wouldn’t stop calling it, spa water. There’s something so damn fancy about having cucumber in your water, am I right?

@thecraftedlife studio warming party

@thecraftedlife studio warming partySadly not pictured were the other 400 balloons I blew up and the trays of mini donuts. The downside of hosting/decorating/photographing is that at some point, you can’t do it all if you want to have any fun. And since this was such a big event in my life and my career, I decided to set work aside for the afternoon and enjoy friends and a mimosa or two.. or five… or seven.

So here’s to more parties, more life, and to more fun! Also stay tuned because a makeover post as well as a workshop schedule will be coming soon!

@thecraftedlife studio warming party

@thecraftedlife studio warming party

  • Amy

    Too fun and I’m glad you didn’t get all the pictures and just enjoyed your wonderful happy event!!

    • Aww thanks Amy! Sometimes you just gotta let life win, right?

  • Hands Occupied

    HUGE congratulations, Rachel!! <3

  • Elyse Stefanowicz

    This is adorable!! I’m so happy for you and your new space! Have a party and invite me :)

    • Frienddddd, thank you so, so much! And you just know there are going to be some pretty parties happening soon! xo

  • So very pretty. What a gorgeous way to celebrate. Congrats again on your new, pretty space!

  • Carrie Waller

    Congratulations!!! This looks like such a fun celebration :) I couldn’t be more excited for you and this INCREDIBLE milestone! xo

    • Eeeeeeee thanks girl! It still doesn’t feel real! You’ll have to visit now ;)

      • Carrie Waller

        Yes, PLEASE!!! =) =)