The Ultimate Colorful Gift Guide

The Ultimate Colorful Gift GuideGift giving season is officially upon us! And to make things a bit easier for you, I’ve put together the ultimate colorful gift guide! Whether you’re shopping for the perfect gift for that vibrant person in your life, or truthfully just yourself because you’ve earned it, there’s bound to be something from this list that you’ll love. Here are my favorite creative, fashion, beauty, home and kitchen products gifts for this holiday season: 

The Ultimate Colorful Gift Guide[Note that this post contains affiliate links. Items read left to right, top to bottom]

For the Creative

1. File Folder

2. Toolbox

3. Felt Letter Board

4. Confetti Stapler 

5. Instant Camera

6. Glitter Pens

7. Hello Color

8. Washi Tape

9. Pantone Postcards

The Ultimate Colorful Gift GuideFor the Home

1. Time Hourglass

2. Hooray Pillow

3. The Home Edit

4. Rainbow Jenga

5. Bowl

6. Party Matches

7. New York Art Print

8. Garden Pots

9. Sunshine Pillow

The Ultimate Colorful Gift GuideBeauty & Fashion

1. Earrings

2. Eyeshadow Palette 

3. Headband

4. Facial Oil

5. Pink Jade Roller

6. Rainbow Wallet

7. Rings

8. Woman Sweatshirt

9. Nail Polish

The Ultimate Colorful Gift GuideFor the Kitchen

1. Electric Kettle

2. Glass Straws

3. Dutch Oven

4. Confetti Kitchen Aid Bowl

5. Apron

6. Pink Ceramic Mug

7. Dansk Cookware

8. Kitchen Towels

9. Serving Bowl