Pinned It, Made It, Loved It: DIY Ornament Wreath

DIY Ornament WreathHappy Monday from Kentucky! I’m here visiting my family for the next few weeks, but wanted to share this fun ornament wreath I made before I left! I’ve admired this project from Martha Stewart for ages but always kept it on the back burner for whatever reason. Even though I’m totally obsessed with how it looks (seriously how magical are vintage bulbs), I think the initial cost of the ornaments was a turn off for me.

When I saw Studio DIY’s version, I knew this was a project I’d had to have in my home. So when I came across some affordable colorful ornaments, I decided to do my own cheaper, rainbow version. Here’s how it turned out:

DIY Ornament Wreath

Time: 40 minutes (enough time to listen to this playlist!)


Wreath frame
Hot glue gun
Tinsel garland
Ornaments in varying sizes

DIY Ornament WreathI started by wrapping my wreath frame in tinsel. This step alone would make an adorable wreath and would really only take about 5 minutes. After that I just glued my ornaments to the frame and then together with a hot glue gun– first with the large ones, then I filled in the open spaces with smaller ones + jingle bells. I like the fact that you can still see some of the tinsel, but if you don’t, just add more bulbs to yours.

DIY Ornament WreathOverall, I really love how it turned out and was a bit surprised by how easy it came together. For the price (I found my ornaments at Target; the set was maybe $20 and I had several left over), you really can’t beat it. I would say that the hot glue isn’t as durable as pinning the bulbs would be in the original tutorial. I do think this method is faster and that if you really wanted to secure everything that you could go back in with E-6000 glue. The only downside to this approach is that you couldn’t really repurpose the bulbs for anything else since they’d be stuck together.

So what do you think?! Have you ever tried making an ornament wreath before? Are you tempted to try now?

DIY Ornament Wreath

DIY Ornament Wreath