Friday Links!

Infinite Dive by Michela Picchi(Infinite Dive by Michela Picchi)

Happy Friday! Four day work weeks are the best, don’t you think? Perhaps it’s the warm weather we’ve been having in Portland, or the fact that I found a fair amount of grey hair on my head the other day, but I did something slightly impulsive this week that I can’t wait to share with you. If you follow me on Snapchat (thecraftedlife), you may have already seen. I’ll also be sharing what it is on Instagram soon, so stay tuned! For now, it’s time for links:

– Everything this artist is doing.

– Must make these immediately!

– A great way to reuse those fabric scraps.

– So chic for tissue paper!

– Chelsea is killing it with her board game series. I’m obsessed!

– Who knew dyeing leather could be this easy?


What are you up to this weekend?