Friday Links

Friday Links Well friends, this is where I’d typically say happy Friday, but with today’s inauguration, the day feels anything but happy or typical. And as far as politics and this blog are concerned, that’s about all I’ll say. I think we’re all pretty overwhelmed as it is and I’d like to stick to more positive topics around here. More than anything I feel like the world needs more unity, art, and love. With that in mind, here are some links that will hopefully add some joy to your weekend:

– A chocolate chip cookie cake shaped like a heart? YASSSS.

– Hand out some love this weekend (and always!).

– Kelly launched a new clutch AND balloon shop this week. Both rule!

– Because I’m sure we could all use a drink.

– You may need this cute tissue box over the next 4 years (LOLOLOL had to).

– The cutest heart balloons!


PS If you are marching in Philly on Saturday and need a friend, you’re more than welcome to join me! Just shoot me an email at for details.

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