Pinned It, Made It, Loved It: DIY Envelope Clutch

Pinned It, Loved It, Made It: DIY Envelope ClutchHello and happy Monday! I’m back with another Pinned It, Loved It, Made It project today that I’ve just been dying to make! In case you missed it, I started this column so that I would actually make the projects I gush over on Pinterest. In the process, I hope it encourages you to go through your own boards and give some of those tutorials a try!

I’ve been obsessing over these envelope clutches for years now (ever since I came across this). For some reason, the idea of sourcing the right closure and leather made the project seem more high maintenance than it actually is. When I came across these fabric lined ones, I knew it was time to get my act together and actually go for it. Here’s what I thought:

Pinned It, Loved It, Made It: DIY Envelope ClutchI found this pink leather on Etsy. This shop has just about every color that you could ever want! I chose to make the smaller template from Alice and Lois to organize the smaller items in the bottom of my purse like business cards and earrings, but the larger template seems to be the perfect size if you want yours to function as a clutch.

Pinned It, Loved It, Made It: DIY Envelope ClutchOverall, I’m pretty happy with the end results! I think it was a bit difficult to cut the fabric to the exact size of the leather, so maybe get a bit more yardage than you need in case you need to start again. other than that, it’s surprisingly easy!

These would make great gifts to make for your girlfriends for their birthday or for Christmas, don’t you think?!

Pinned It, Loved It, Made It: DIY Envelope Clutch