Rebrand + Cheese Dipped Vase DIY

The Crafted Life April Fools Prank

Yesterday, I shared a prank for April Fools (screen shot above). The full tutorial can be found below:

Time: 10 Minutes
Materials: Kraft Singles, E-6000 Glue, Bottle.

DIY Cheese Dipped VaseGuys, it’s been so hard to contain this exciting news! Over the past few months I’ve been negotiating what I think is the right move for my business.  ::drumroll please:: I was able to sell The Crafted Life to beloved brand Kraft! That’s right, I’m now officially The Krafted Life! You’ll still be getting all the same crafty goodness, now just with a side of cheese! What better way to kick off the new partnership than with a DIY Cheese Dipped Vase?!

DIY Cheese Dipped VaseBe sure to work in a clean, dry area as fuzz tends to stick to cheese!

DIY Cheese Dipped VaseApply a layer of E-6000 glue to your bottle, then cover with cheese slice. Smooth over with your finger. Keep adding slices until the entire vase is covered.

Once done, add flowers and enjoy! Vase should last 1-2 days, depending on humidity factors.


DIY Cheese Dipped Vase




  • gragland

    So proud of you babe!

  • HA! For about 2 seconds I was like, is cheese dipped a thing in the US….? You got me :| xx

  • Really strange idea – I’m glad that it’s only your April 1st prank. For one moment I thought “wtf is this?!” :)You got me too!

  • I thought you had sold out and gone nuts at the same time!

  • Bahahaha, you really had my jaw drop for a second there! Love the sidebar selfie!

  • Too funny!!!

  • At first I was like.. What!? But then I realized it’s April Fool’s Day lol. Good one!

  • Carrie Waller

    This is amazing. Love the disclaimer, too…Hahaha, ROCK ON!

    • haha yay! I’ve been waiting about 9 months to make this come to life! Why can’t prank crafts be the next big thing?

  • Stephanie | Make and Tell

    OMG. You went all out – even the blog header and sidebar pic are full of cheesy goodness! Just awesome :D

  • Laurel (A Bubbly Life)

    LMAO! Such attention to detail.

  • OMG Rachel this rebrand is amazing!!!!!! I’m so happy for you <3. Congrats on the new partnership!!!

    • hahaha you’ve always been so supportive Amy! Glad you just get the new direction :)

  • Haha! Yes! This is my favorite prank yet!

  • HelloLidy

    I was dying!!!!! This is the best April Fools I’ve ever seen – nice work!


  • Amy W

    HAHA. I saw the post title and was like… did she say Cheese Dipped Vase? Is this is a new product? Oh man, love it lady.

    • hahahah YES! Oh man, I’m so glad it’s not a thing, because it’d probably the grossest thing I’ve ever done!

  • SO freaking hilarious. I will admit, I was totally confused at first — you got me girlfriend and love it!!!!!

    • Darby Smart

      @jencarreiro:disqus Thanks for sharing this with us. This post made us fall out of our chairs giggling!

    • Ahh that’s amazing! I love that! Thanks for sharing Jen <3

  • Meg Vn

    You never cease to amaze me! So very krafty of you!

  • WallsNeedLove

    This is incredible! haha well done!

  • I was having a really frustrating day and this just make me burst out laughing! So hilarious…A tip of the hat to you my friend!

  • Kimberly | Lacelit

    Um. GENIUS.

  • Carolyn Corrigan

    You almost had me :)

  • Shastablasta

    You got me with the rebrand title in my Google Now. I was like “rebranding again, she just did that not long ago” then I clicked and was still like “what, why the K… Is that better for SEO? “. Then I got it! The best non sponsored post ever!

    • hahah oh man, I am so glad that process happened! Thanks Shasta :)

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