Free Motivational Printable: You’ve Got This

Free Motivational Printable: You've Got ThisIf you’re already wishing for the weekend, boy do I have some Tuesday motivation for you. There’s a chance you may have spotted this gem in my office makeover yesterday, but today I’m giving you guys the artwork for free! That’s right, this hand lettered poster by the lovely Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus is a printable!

Free Motivational Printable: You've Got ThisAll you need to do is download the file and print! You can print on your own, or to make it as easy as possible, you can upload the file directly to Snapfish and have them mail you the print. The one photographed above was printed as a 20″x30“, but the file should work in any size smaller than that since you can resize on their platform before printing.

Snapfish can also take care of the framing, so that the only thing you really have to do to decorate your walls is click a few buttons. Pretty cool, right?!

Grab the download right here and remember, you’ve totally got this!

Free Motivational Printable: You've Got This





Office Makeover + DIY Storage Boxes

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesHappy Monday all! Today is a fun day because I finally get to reveal what I’ve been working on over here for the last month… my office makeover! If you’ve been a reader for a while, you might remember the office makeover I did last year. Almost immediately after hitting publish on that post, that space become one giant hot mess. I mean stuff was so all over the place that I sometimes found it hard to walk to my chair in the morning. Yikes.

After really evaluating what was happening, it came down to the fact that nothing had a designated place. Because I didn’t have storage for any of my craft supplies, I ended up just putting them wherever there was room (aka stuffed in the closet), which as you can image, is not a great system for staying organized.

So, I teamed up with Snapfish to get my office into shape! Not only are the steps I took totally diy-able, but they’re affordable and super easy. Let’s get to it:

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesFor smaller and frequently used items, like scissors and paint brushes, I used mason jars and a simple shelf from Ikea. This way, everything is in eye sight and easily grab-able.

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesRemember that mousepad?! If not, you can grab the diy right here.

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxes

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesTo make the room feel larger, I swapped out the partially painted wall for floral wallpaper. Another way I organized my space was by making these colorful storage boxes. The DIY is easy peasy:  Continue reading…

Friday Links

Flair via @thecraftedlife(buttons from

Happy Friday dear friends! I don’t know about you, but I have never been more ready for the weekend than I am right now. There are some big posts and life changes happening over here at the moment that I will be sharing shortly, but in the meantime, here are some links I stumbled upon this week that you won’t want to miss:

- My friends are hosting an awesome workshop in SF! Grab your tickets before they’re gone!

- The prettiest medicine cabinet ever.

- I really want to give this recipe a try.

- Here’s hoping copper isn’t just a trend!

- Sometimes you just need a bit of sparkle.

- Have you ever seen a cake this pretty?!

- Bottoms up.

Have a great weekend!


DIY Market Tote Bag

Learn to make this washable market tote in only 30 minutes!
Now that fall is officially here, it’s time for pumpkins, corn, apple picking and markets. If you’re looking to add your own personal flair on your grocery tote, boy do I have the easiest project for you! You can make a plain canvas tote colorful, fun and completely washable all in about a half hour. Here’s how:

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: tote bag, Painters, tape, iron, stencil

Learn to make this washable market tote in only 30 minutes!I used Painters on canvas, but they work on just about any surface (plastic, wood, glass, metal, fabric, and more!). You can grab a coupon for them right here AND Painters is hosting a monthly contest from now until December where you could win a prize valued at $500 for showing off what you make (check out #StyleByAisle and #PaintersStyle on social!). The Style by Aisle with Painters Contest will have a different theme each month (this month is Clothing, Accessories, Shoes), so you can really get creative. Read more about it here!

Learn to make this washable market tote in only 30 minutes!Decide on what phrase or shape you want on your bag, create it in photoshop or word, and print it out. You can also freehand your design, but the stencil is a huge help if you don’t have that confidence! Slip stencil inside tote and tape in place. Trace around your letters with the Painters and fill in.

Once your design is complete, set with heat to make machine washable. And just like that, you’re done! Easy peasy, don’t you think?!

Learn to make this washable market tote in only 30 minutes!I’ll pretty much be sporting this bag with me all season. Chances are it will either be filled with flowers or caramel apples at all times. You know, the necessities.

Learn to make this washable market tote in only 30 minutes!

Learn to make this washable market tote in only 30 minutes!

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