Garage Makeover: The Video

I am SO excited to share this short video of the garage makeover I did in partnership with Wayfair! If you missed all the after shots yesterday, you can still see the full transformation here

My friend Ian was kind enough to capture the entire makeover process. And while he may have edited out that time those few times I ran from spiders (yes plural), I hope this helps give you a better idea of the space :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Garage Makeover: The Reveal!

Garage Makeover by The Crafted LifeOur garage makeover is officially DONE, whew! I can’t tell you how good that feels to say!

My goal for the space was to have multiple working areas. I tend to use tools from time to time, but I also wanted a nicer spot where I could sit down and craft. I was so fortunate to partner with Wayfair on this project, because they have everything I needed. And I mean everything– I even ordered tape and protractors from them! If you missed the before pictures, you can see them here. But let’s get to why you’re really here… the after shots! Continue reading…

DIY Inspiration Board

Time: 10 minutes + dry time
Materials: plywood, paint

DIY Inspiration BoardI love Pinterest as much as the next person, but sometimes, it’s nice to flip through an actual magazine. Instead of just recycling the pages that inspire me, I thought it would be fun to put them on display as part of our garage makeover! You can see the before shots here in case you missed it earlier this week.

DIY Inspiration BoardBecause tape doesn’t really stick to cement (if anyone has a solution, by all means spill in the comments), I decided to use a sheet of plywood, so that I could incorporate washi. Side note, Home Depot will cut your wood for you if you need it smaller than the 4′x8′.

DIY Inspiration BoardIt’s unlikely that you need a tutorial here. Basically just paint your wood to your liking! This project would be fun with a pattern too, perhaps dots or stripes. I could honestly do this project 1000 times because the possibilities are endless.

Let dry and tape up your magazine cutouts! Have fun and experiment with different colors and patterns of tape to make your board pop.

DIY Inspiration Board

Recognize that #GIRLBOSS print from anywhere? If not, get yours here! Tomorrow is the big reveal so absolutely be sure to come back to see how everything fits in the new space :)

DIY Inspiration Board



Thrift Store Dresser Makeover

Time: ~ 2-3 days
Materials: paint, brush, hammer, sander, heat gun, scraper

Thrift Store Dresser Makeover

Next up in the garage makeover: a thrift store dresser makeover!

I found this beauty at Goodwill on half off furniture day for $8. The structure was in good condition, but the exterior, well as you can see from the photo above, that was a different story. I’ve stored my craft supplies in Ikea boxes over the years, which is a bit limiting. One advantage of converting our garage into a work space means that I have a dedicated space to leave my stuff (not just in piles around our living room anymore! Yay!).

Thrift Store Dresser MakeoverThis wasn’t the first time this dresser was painted. There were layers and layers of all sorts of colors hidden under the dirt on the outside. Instead of adding to the bulkiness and just painting over it again, I removed the paint with a heat gun and scraper. If you’ve never used a heat gun to remove paint before, just know that they’re amazing. Be careful though, they get extremely hot! Continue reading…