DIY Mousepad

Time: 25 minutes + dry time
Materials: plant cork mat, spray adhesive, fabric, ribbon, scissors, E-6000 glue

DIY MousepadExciting news! In addition to contributing on Poppytalk, you can now find The Crafted Life over on Curbly! If you haven’t heard of Curbly before, it’s a site dedicated to sharing DIY projects for the home.

My office is in desperate need of a makeover, so for my first project, I turned a cork mat (used underneath plants to soak up water), into a mousepad. Click here to see the full tutorial!

DIY Mousepad

8 Must-Try Popsicle Recipes

8 Must-Try Popsicle RecipesI’m not sure about where you live, but it has been burning up in Portland this week! And since we don’t have air conditioning, my only escape is through cold, refreshing treats. While scouring Pinterest for a few recipes to try, I came across these eight popsicles that just made my mouth water. So if you need me for the rest of the day, chances are I will be sleeping as a result of a serious a sugar crash making making each of these!

1. Sangria Pops by The Faux Martha
2. Strawberry Orange Popsicles by Design Love Fest
3. Champagne & Raspberry Popsicles by  Princess Misia
4. Lavender Bees Knees Popsicle by Emma Magazine
5. Coffee Ice Cream Pops with Bacon Sprinkles by Paper & Stitch
6. Matcha Mochi Yogurt Pops by My Name is Yeh
7. Funfetti Creamsicles by Garlic My Soul for Studio DIY
8. White Peach, Lychee and Red Berry Pops by Cannel et Vanille

And if you have any go-to popsicle recipes, please share!

5 Drawable Patterns to use in your Next Project

5 Drawable Patterns to use in your CraftingI don’t know about you, but sometimes I get a little tired of adding polka dots to all of my craft projects. They’re the easiest pattern to make, so I tend to stick with them by default (see here and here). Don’t get me wrong, polka dots are adorable, but sometimes it’s fun to change things up a bit. Here are 5 drawable patterns that are easy enough to replicate by hand that will make your next project really stand out!


Diamonds by Cotton & Flax

1. Diamonds by Cotton & Flax

Herringbone via Spoonflower2. Herringbone via Spoonflower

 Brush Stroke by Miji Lee3. Brush Stroke by Miji Lee

Blinking Eye by Zana4. Blinking Eye by Zana

Colorful Mountains by Cotton & Flax5. Colorful Mountains by Cotton & Flax

What patterns do you tend to stick to? And if you’re looking for more complex designs, be sure to follow my Pattern & Prints board on Pinterest!

5 Minute Project: DIY Frame Makeover

Time: 5 minutes
Materials: picture frame, ribbon, E-6000 glue

5 Minute Project: DIY Frame MakeoverLet’s start this week off nice and simple with a fun 5 minute craft project, shall we? Adding a touch of ribbon to a frame will make your art/photographs really pop. Best of all, it may just be the easiest craft project ever. And what’s not to love about that?

5 Minute Project: DIY Frame MakeoverThe frame I used was unfinished, so I sanded + applied a gel topcoat before beginning. E-6000 is a strong glue, so it should work on just about any finish on any type of frame.

5 Minute Project: DIY Frame MakeoverMeasure the lengths of each side of your frame and cut your ribbon accordingly. I chose to wrap my ribbon behind the frame so that the frayed edges weren’t visible. Continue reading…