Rebrand + Cheese Dipped Vase DIY

Time: 10 Minutes
Materials: Kraft Singles, E-6000 Glue, Bottle.

DIY Cheese Dipped VaseGuys, it’s been so hard to contain this exciting news! Over the past few months I’ve been negotiating what I think is the right move for my business.  ::drumroll please:: I was able to sell The Crafted Life to beloved brand Kraft! That’s right, I’m now officially The Krafted Life! You’ll still be getting all the same crafty goodness, now just with a side of cheese! What better way to kick off the new partnership than with a DIY Cheese Dipped Vase?!

DIY Cheese Dipped VaseBe sure to work in a clean, dry area as fuzz tends to stick to cheese!

DIY Cheese Dipped VaseApply a layer of E-6000 glue to your bottle, then cover with cheese slice. Smooth over with your finger. Keep adding slices until the entire vase is covered.

Once done, add flowers and enjoy! Vase should last 1-2 days, depending on humidity factors.


DIY Cheese Dipped Vase




How to Organize Ribbon Scraps

How to Organize Ribbon ScrapsChances are if you do any craft/sewing/gift wrapping, you have a pile of ribbon scraps somewhere. For me, I had an apothecary jar just bursting at the seems. It was a mess. Rather than let it continue to overflow, I decided to get my act together and organize!

How to Organize Ribbon ScrapsOne hot jumble mess before.

How to Organize Ribbon ScrapsAll you really need is a wooden spool, tape, and straight pins. I taped the ribbon end to the spool so that I could pull it tightly as I wrapped. Once your ribbon is completely wrapped, secure with a small straight pin and store!

100 times better, don’t you think? And it only took me about 10 minutes.

How to Organize Ribbon ScrapsDO you have any tips and tricks for organizing your ribbon scraps?

How to Organize Ribbon Scraps

How to Organize Ribbon Scraps



How to Make Ombre Easter Eggs

Time: 25 minutes + dry time
Materials: Eggs, spray paint, egg carton

How to Make Ombre Easter EggsI have pretty found memories of Easter as a kid. Mainly, I got to wear a new dress and play games that always resulted in winning candy. Call me crazy, but that still sounds pretty amazing. Although I don’t really do anything as an adult, I still wanted to decorate some eggs this year! And what better way than with some fresh and bright colors for spring?

How to Make Ombre Easter EggsYou’ll want to prep your eggs before painting. Not sure how, here’s a pretty helpful tutorial.

How to Make Ombre Easter EggsPlace your eggs back in the carton, with the larger end (bottom) facing up. Give a quick spray, just enough to coat the bottom and speckle up the sides a bit. If you spray too much, the paint will drip down the side of your egg, taking away from the ombre effect.

Bada bing, that’s it!

How to Make Ombre Easter EggsSo what do you think? Will you be decorating eggs this year or just partaking in the occasional Cadbury eggs or two?

How to Make Ombre Easter Eggs

How to Make Ombre Easter Eggs

5 Must-Try Wooden Tray DIYS

5 Must-Try Wooden Tray DIYSEarlier this week I shared a DIY I did in collaboration with four other bloggers called #5WaystoDIY. In cased you missed it, I thought I’d round up all the projects here for you today! We each took a basic wooden tray and put our own crafty spin on it. If you’re looking for a weekend project, hopefully these projects will get those creative wheels turning!

1. Polka Dot Tray by Sarah Hearts

2. Triangle Patterned Tray by Oleander and Palm

3. Fabric Covered Tray by The Crafted Life

4. Wood Burned Tray by A Bubbly Life

5. White Washed Hand Drawn Tray by Pars Caeli

Have a great weekend everyone! And if aren’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram to see my adventures at Craftcation and driving down the California Coast!