The Crafted Business: Getting Started

A Pair & A Spare print (image by a pair & a spare)

Thanks to some encouraging words from my friend Rachael, I opened a Society6 shop last week to sell some of my prints. Photography is a newer hobby of mine, I’ve even been able to do some freelancing this year, but it got me thinking about starting a shop for the other items I make.

I’ve dabbled on Etsy before, but I wasn’t serious about what I was doing or what I was selling. I was perfectly happy when my shop got a favorite or two, but at the end of the day, there was a disconnect between me and the product.

Here are some basic tips that I learned the first time around:

1. Find something to make that you don’t hate making. Sure, there might be a market for the item you’re selling, but are you going to be motivated to make that item and ship it out on time? Chances are you’ll put it off until the last minute.

2. Set goals and track them. I used to list items without purpose which put me at a loss with my inventory and overall budget. Being aware of every detail will help you actually turn a profit and get you closer to a full time creative job.

3. Don’t undervalue your work. Pricing an item you make is hard, there’s no doubt about that! You can compare yourself to what others are charging to compete OR you can try this helpful formula.

Of course it’s scary to put work you’re passionate about out there, but if it’s something want to do, I say take the risk. Don’t let the fear of getting started hold you back from something that could be really great!


PS Feel free to share your shop in the comments as well as any tips that you have!  Also, I’m thinking about making ‘The Crafted Business’ a reoccurring column and would love to hear what you think!

Embroidered Paper Bin

Time: 40 minutes
Materials: yarn, mesh trash can, scissors

Embroidered Paper BinAs much as I love simple and clean design, there are times that I can’t resist a little whimsy. When looking at my paper bin and wondering how I can make it stand out in my office, I remembered that I could use yarn to jazz it up, just like I did with my pencil cup. Now, you may be thinking to yourself right now, “woah woah, is this TOO much whimsy for me?” and to that I say nonsense! The best part about this project is that you can change the design at anytime, or get rid of it all together without any harm being done. So go ahead, get a little crazy, have fun, and above all, make sure your cats are in the other room when attempting.

Embroidered Paper BinBefore beginning this project, I found a black mesh trashcan and spray painted it gold. I recommend having a variety of colored yarn to choose from. If you don’t want to invest in full skeins, you can find mini ones right here for $8.

Embroidered Paper BinStart by measuring and cutting strips of yarn. I used 5 10″strands for each “stitch”

Embroidered Paper BinChoose your placement, then slip both ends of your bundle between the mesh.

Embroidered Paper Bin

Tie the two ends together and knot. Keep repeating until you’re happy with the pattern.

Embroidered Paper BinSnip the ends, fill your bin with paper and enjoy!

Embroidered Paper Bin

Embroidered Paper Bin


A Much Needed Reminder

Love From Ginger Inspiration(image by Love from Ginger; download for your phone’s wallpaper here!)

What a week! My dear friend Rachael (Love From Ginger) created the above image as part of her new series Wise Words Wallpaper and I absolutely love it. This year has been a year of risk taking for me, so it’s nice to be reminded that I am in fact on the right path. In the upcoming weeks I’ll have some big news to share with you, but for now, let’s just relax and remember, we are exactly where we need to be.

10 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

10 Awesome Ways to Decorate Easter EggsI can’t get over how many creative ways there are to decorate eggs these days. As a kid, I remember my only options being a white crayon and Paas dye tablets. Although I won’t be partaking in any Easter festivities this weekend, aside from brunch that is, I hope that you’ll take a crack at these one of these eggcellent ideas!

1. Easter Egg Bunnies by Confetti Sunshine
2. Egg Man by A Bit of Pilli Pilli
3. Watercolor Eggs by Craftberry Bush
4. Painted Plastic Eggs by Tell Love Chocolate
5. Painted Wooden Eggs by My Poppet
6. Pastel Portrait Eggs by Paper & Stitch
7. All Natural Easter Egg Dye by Better Homes & Garden
8. Cement Easter Eggs by Camille Styles
9. Natural Brown Easter Eggs by Kaley Ann
10. Pantone Eggs by How About Orange

And if you’re not into decorating eggs, try making these fresh flower cupcake toppers instead!