DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted LifeWho says Mondays, or tissue boxes for that matter, have to be dull? Certainly not me! After looking at an ugly and brown tissue box on my desk for a few weeks, I decided that is was about time to mix things up a bit and bust out the sparkle. And of course, what better way to do that than with pink spray paint and rhinestones?!

Time: 30 minutes + dry time
Materials: spray paint, wooden tissue box, rhinestones, E-6000 glue
Cost: $17 – $20

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted LifeIf you use a wooden box, you wont have to worry about the paint chipping off (could happen with the wrong plastic tissue box). You can also use tacky glue here if you don’t have E-6000.

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted LifeSo this tutorial could not be any easier. Paint your box, let dry. Glue on rhinestones and let dry. Just be sure to let each side dry a bit before moving on otherwise your rhinestones may move (if the glue isn’t dry, they could slide down the box).

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted LifeSlide over a tissue box, and boom, you’re done! Now, I realize that most of you will not want a rhinestone covered tissue box in your home, but I think it makes a fun addition to any office. You can also do a toned down version of this if you were looking to work it into your everyday decor.

So what do you think?! Too much? Or not enough?

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted Life

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted Life

DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | by The Crafted Life


Friday Links

Mr.Holmes Bakehouse, SF CaliforniaHappy Fridayyyy! So this week I stood in line for 30 minutes to get a cruffin only to realize they were all sold out by the time I got to the counter. What’s a cruffin you ask? A crossiant muffin. Seriously. Read up on them here. The good news is that I still ended up getting a delicious ass donut, which is proof that even though things don’t always go the way you want, there’s always something better right around the corner. End pastry related life lesson. Now time for the fun– weekend links!

- An absolutely gorgeous free download!

- Love this artwork hack.

- Must make 1000 of these bins!

- So long ugly tote handles.


- Just the cutest rain coat.

Have a great weekdend!


PS- Yesterday I was on set for a section of Tiffany Han’s Creativelive class on social media sanity (chattin’ about Instagram, of course). If you missed the broadcast, you can get the class here which will be on sale until Saturday!

10 Must-Try Spray Paint DIYS

10 Must-Try Spray Paint DIYSIt’s is my firm crafty belief that you can transform just about anything with a fresh coat of spray paint. The stuff is basically like colorful magic in a can. And what’s better is that more often than not, the those easy peasy one step paint projects turn out to be some of the best. So if you’re looking to get in some spray painting in while you can still craft outside, here are ten must-try diys that you’ll want to make asap!

10 Must-Try Spray Paint DIYS1. Painted Berry Baskets by Lovely Indeed

10 Minute Vase DIY2. 10 Minute Vase by The Crafted Life

10 Must-Try Spray Paint DIYS3. Pattern Desk Organizers by Homey Oh My

10 Must-Try Spray Paint DIYS4. Storage Boxes by Better Homes & Garden Continue reading…

New Head Shots + Interview with Portraits to the People

photo by portraits to the peopleIf you can think all the way back to January when I shared my goals for the year, you might remember that one of them was to get in front of the camera more. It’s not necessarily something I feel comfortable with, but something I think is important as a blogger to do.

Up until now, I’ve taken my head shots myself with a tripod or with the help of my ever so patience boyfriend. Sometimes you have to work with what you have, right? I decided that it was time to upgrade now that I have pink hair. And what better time than with my trip back to SF so could work with Portraits to the People!

photo by portraits to the peopleI ended up doing a combination of in studio and outdoor shots so that I would have a variety of images to use. If you’ve never worked with a professional photographer before, let me tell you, it’s amazing! At least that’s the experience I had with Sarah. Continue reading…