DIY Hashtag Pillow

You can make this DIY Hashtag Pillow in less than an hour! Such a fun project for those new to sewing.Yes that’s right friends, a DIY Hashtag Pillow! As if I didn’t love social media enough, right? This project is great for those who are new to sewing because it will help you practice your curves. Or at least that’s what I kept telling myself when I was prototyping this. Here’s how you can easily make one yourself:

Time: 45 minutes
Materials: fabric, sewing machine, fabric pencil, fabric scissors, pins, poly-fil, needle and matching thread

You can make this DIY Hashtag Pillow in less than an hour! Such a fun project for those new to sewing.I got the fabric for this project from Minted. Their collection, designed by independent artist, is amazinggg! Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already. You can use a rotary cutter for this project, but if you’re new to using it, or don’t have one, scissors are just fine.

You can make this DIY Hashtag Pillow in less than an hour! Such a fun project for those new to sewing.First cut two equal squares that are 19″x19″. If you want to make your pillow larger, adjust accordingly. I don’t necessarily suggest going any smaller than that. On the backside of your fabric on one of the squares, draw the hashtag shape. If you can’t draw at all, you can do what I did and trace a deflated hashtag balloon.

Pin fabric squares together in the corners and cut out. This method works great if you don’t want to have to trace and cut twice. Once you have your two hashtags, pin together so the pattern is facing each other.

When sewing, try your best to stay on the 3/8 seem allowance. You’ll want to use a straight stitch and back stick at the beginning and the end. Only sew around the edges of the hashtag, leaving the middle open. If you sew the middle, you won’t be able to turn your pillow right side out.

After turning right side out, stuff with polyfil. Once full and smooth, pin the center pieces together and stitch closed by hand. Trim the excess thread and fabric with scissors and you’re done!

You can make this DIY Hashtag Pillow in less than an hour! Such a fun project for those new to sewing.So what do you think?! Easy peasy for a sewing project, yeah? I can’t wait to experiment with other shapes!

You can make this DIY Hashtag Pillow in less than an hour! Such a fun project for those new to sewing.This post is sponsored by Minted. All opinions expressed are my own.Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep The Crafted Life making!

Movie Inspired Crafts: Grease

Movie Inspired Crafts: Grease1. DIY Headband by A Beautiful Mess (above)

Happy Monday all! I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. If it didn’t feel like summer before, I’m sure after seeing hundreds of firework and bbq Instagrams that you are feeling it more than ever. And what says summer more than summer loving aka the movie Grease?! I know it’s only the start of the week, but after browsing these movie inspired crafts, you’re going to want to call your girlfriends and make a weekend date for milkshakes and a sing-a-long!

Movie Inspired Crafts: Grease2. Embroidered Peter Pan Collar by The House That Lars Built

Movie Inspired Crafts: Grease3. Peanut Butter Chocolate Milkshake Recipe by She Wears Many Hats

And to close it out and give you a dose of humor:

“We have pictures of you so-called mooners. And just because the pictures aren’t of your faces doesn’t mean we can’t identify you. At this very moment those pictures are on their way to Washington where the FBI has experts in this type of identification. If you turn yourselves in now, you may escape a federal charge.” -Principal McGee


7 Summer Fun DIYS for July 4th

7 Summer Fun DIYS for July 4thIf you’re anything like me, you are just READY for the weekend. Of course this weekend is July 4th which means barbecues, sun and fireworks! Hellloooo summer! And if between all that fun you’re looking to squeeze in a little crafting, I rounded up a few summer projects that are a must try, especially for this weekend. After all, what better way to celebrate freedom than with desserts and diys?! 

1. Flamingo Ring Ross by Sugar & Cloth

2. Cement Star Votives by Paper & Stitch

3. Palm Tree Manicure by Vitamini Handmade

4. Striped Tablecloth by Say Yes

5. Fruit Infused Ice Cubes by Proper

6. Blueberry Polka Dot Fro-Yo Pops by Handmade Charlotte

7. Painted Patio Umbrella by Lovely Indeed

Happy Fourth!


Instagram Recap: June 2015

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeHappy July everyone! Oh man did June just fly right on by, or what? After looking back at my Instagram photos for the month, it almost seems like it came and went all in a blur. Probably because I’ve been miserable and sweaty for weeks because of this never ending heatwave in Portland. Insert gross face emojis here. Here’s a quick recap of non-disgusting things that happened:

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeSo the biggest thing that happened in June was my trip to Ohio, which is where I grew up. The original plan was to surprise my dad for father’s, but it turns out that I can’t keep a secret at all and told him months in advance. I just get too excited! It was nice seeing family and old friends again, and of course it’s always nice to recharge the batteries a bit. This photo is of the theater where I saw the new Jurassic Park movie, which I did not hate at all!

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeWe also ended up staying in an Airbnb in Kentucky for a night when we went to a Red’s game. They had this tile in their kitchen and I just fell in love! Oh the things I would do if I owned instead of rented.

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeAshley of Sugar & Cloth sent me the cutest macarons! Sometimes a piece of snail mail can make your entire day better, don’t you think?

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeAnd of course the highlight of the month, and even the year, was that marriage became a constitutional right. I can’t even begin to express how wonderful it was to scroll through nothing but rainbow colored photos celebrating love last weekend. Seriously, how do we keep that going? It feels like a good time to be alive friends.

Be sure to follow my July adventures on Instagram if you aren’t already!