A Day in the Life of a Craft Blogger

A Day in the Life of a Craft BloggerIt’s always fun to see people’s reactions when I tell them I’m a blogger. Since it’s a somewhat new career, I think the job description is a but unclear to those who don’t blog themselves. And although on the surface it may look like it’s confetti, crafting and cupcakes all the time, there’s a lot of hard work and hours that go into it.

So if you’e ever been curious about what actually happens behind the scenes, you’re in luck. I’m spilling the beans! Working from home has taken a little bit to get used to, but scheduling out my day helps me stay focused. Not every day is the same, and I certainly can’t speak for other bloggers, but here’s what a typical day, Sunday-Friday, might look like for me:

8:00am — Wake up! I read my email, Instagram, and traffic stats from bed as soon as my alarm goes off. This is also around the time I start promoting whatever blog post I publish for that day on social media.

A Day in the Life of a Craft Blogger(You may have seen these shoes floating around Instagram. They’re the Highwood clogs in tan by Lotta From Stockholm. I’ve never been much of a heel person, but these are surprisingly comfortable!)

9:00am– Over the years I’ve discovered that shooting in natural, morning light gives me the best results. The exact time may vary depending on the time of year, but overall I’ve found that as early as possible is best.

10:30am– Back on my computer. One of my revenue streams comes from affiliate links, so I spend this time each day uploading links to various sites.

11:15am–Brainstorming session and editorial calendar planning. My calendar changes all the time, it just depends on what ideas I think of and am most excited about. Once I have my ideas for projects, I spend time thinking of what brands I’d like to partner with and send out a few email pitches.

Lunch! Most days I eat at my desk whenever I can/remember take a break.

A Day in the Life of a Craft Blogger

2:30pm– After lunch, I head out to pick up props/supplies for any upcoming projects. Thankfully I only live a few blocks away from my flower source!

3:30pm– Back home, I edit photos from the project I shot earlier in the morning. If I’m posting a non-original tutorial the next day, I’m researching other projects to include in a roundup.

5:00pm– I set aside this time each day to network (commenting, social media, emails, etc) and explore what others are posting. This not only helps me stay current with what’s happening on the internet, but it also gives me a chance to engage with others. Regardless of your job, I think it’s important to active in the community where you/your brand exist. I also think this time is crucial, because it pushes me to do better. There are TONS of bloggers out there producing top quality content and I need to be able to keep up.

6:30pm– Break time! Gabe and I will usually go out and grab a drink or a bite to eat for dinner (partially just so we can get out of the house for a bit). We might watch some tv, brainstorm together, and just unwind a bit.


A Day in the Life of a Craft Blogger(These are the Highwood T-Bar in red from Lotta and the perfect date night shoe)

9:30pm– Annnd the shoes come off!

9:45pm– I am constantly pinning throughout the day, but because Pinterest is my number one source of traffic, I spend a little more time on it at night. I also take this time to catch up on other social media I may have missed throughout the day.

10:30pm– With all my images queued up and ready, whether it’s for an original tutorial or roundup post, I start writing. There’s something so quiet and peaceful about the night that helps me get in the writing zone.

11:45pm– BRAIN DUMP! I can’t tell you how helpful this process has been for me. Each day, when I’m done working, I make a to-do list of everything that I need to accomplish for the next few days. Once I get all of my thoughts out on paper, I’m able to relax and forget about work for a bit.

12:01am–Publish post and queue up Newsletter. I like to be awake when my posts go live to ensure that everything is okay. If I’m still awake, I’ll return any unanswered email. I make it a goal to get 8 hours of sleep, but it tends to be around 7 or so.

So that is that! Hopefully that gives you a better look into my day to day; I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have too :)


Lotta from Stockholm

Craftcation: Maker + Business Conference

Craftcation, Business + Maker ConferenceEXCITING NEWS! I’ll be speaking at Craftcation 2015! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the conference, it’s four awesome days of hands-on food and craft workshops + creative business classes. Oh yes, and it’s right on the beach!

Craftcation, Business + Maker ConferenceEarly bird registrations opens tomorrow, September 17th, at 9:00am PST and the first fifty people get $45 off. You can get your tickets here.

In case you missed it, here’s my recap from last year. This is such a dream of mine (seriously, someone pinch me) so I hope to see you there!

Craftcation, Business + Maker Conference

Photos & Video by Matthew William Photography

DIY Marble Dipped Vase

Time: 10 minutes + dry time
Materials: glass bottle, nail polish, toothpick, bowl, water

DIY Marble Dipped Vase

As if you didn’t know this by now, I’m sliiiightly addicted to turning old bottles into vases (see here and here). What can I say, I’m a craft-supplies hoarder. This was my first time experimenting with this marbling technique (I’ve marbled paper with shaving cream in the past), and although it wasn’t perfect right away, I’m now hooked! Have you ever tried marbling before? I’d love to know how it went!

Oh yes, and be sure to head over to Poppytalk to see the full marble dipped vase tutorial.

DIY Marble Dipped Vase

Happy Weekend!

Photo by Portraits To The People_078(Photo taken by Portraits to the People)

My what a crazy week it’s been! I’ve been working overtime queuing up posts for next week because I’ll be in NYC catching up with friends, family, and Better Homes and Garden. Yup, BHG! I’ll be attending their 3rd annual Style Maker event, so be sure to follow along on Instagram.

Now… on to the fun crafty stuff! Here are some links you don’t want to miss:

- My lovely friend Becky is hosting an Intro to Embroidery class in Austin,TX this weekend! An absolute must if you’re in the area.

- A ring diy that I think I could actually do.

- I want these hexagon shelves in my house asap!

- I can’t get enough of these typography posters. It’s a good thing they’re downloadable!

- All health concerns aside, I’m fairly certain I could eat nothing but this chocolate chip banana bread for a week and still be happy.

- One of the coolest planters I’ve ever seen!

Have a great weekend!