Current Obsession: Bright & Bold Patterns

Current Obsession: Bright & Bold PatternsI’m a firm believer that inspiration can be found just about anywhere. On a walk around your neighborhood, grocery shopping, or even by making breakfast in the morning. For me, I tend to have my best ideas when I’m not obsessing over work and other items on my to-do list. Just the other day, I was cleaning my office (a rarity, but it does happen!) and a few ideas popped in my head, completely out the blue.

Other times, it’s not so easy and you have to actively seek that source of inspiration. Perhaps it’s because of the warmer weather and sunshine we’ve been having in Portland, but I can’t get enough of bright and bold patterns. Here are a few I’m currently obsessed with– hopefully they also inspire you in some small way!

1. Tangerine via Design Love Fest

2. Green Diamonds via Rugs USA

3. Dot Wallpaper by

4. Abstract Flamingos by Bouffants & Broken Hearts

5. Stripes by Design Fixation

6. Nippu by Marimekko

7. Autumn Feel by Glass & Bones

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Meet the Maker: jesiiii

Meet the Maker: jesiiii(Hand Painted Necklaces for sale here)

Friends, get ready to fall in love with this maker. I am blown away by her talent, knack for color and branding, not to mention her ability to come up with the world’s cutest puns. On top of all that, she hustles like no other and is a complete #GIRLBOSS. Okay, okay, enough of me gushing– here’s jesiiii!

Meet the Maker: jesiiii

1. Tell us a little about yourself!
Hi! I’m Jesi and I am an illustrator, painter, maker of colorful happy art and things. My shop is just called jesiiii (thats four i’s for my four eyes). I currently live in Columbus, Ohio – but grew up in south Louisiana.

2. Have you always been a maker or did you pursue other careers first?
Definitely have always been a maker – but it took me a long time to be able to turn my passion into my job. I attended college for a year and half before deciding it wasn’t right for me. The only classes I enjoyed were my art classes, but it wasn’t an art school – so the other classes dragged me down. I had to regroup and settle for a job in retail until I could figure out what to do with myself.

Meet the Maker: jesiiii(I Love You to the Core Painting for sale here)

3. What made you decide to start selling your work?
I started painting a lot more regularly about 12 years ago when I was still in high school. It was just something that I always did when I had free time. After my failed college attempt, I started really honing my style of art. I would post pictures of my art on social media here and there. Someone on Facebook asked me if I wanted to be a part of a local art show. I was completely terrified, but decided to take the leap since I had stacks of paintings just gathering dust. I sold almost every painting in one night and it finally hit me that I needed to paint more and actually try to get my name out there.

4. Who or what inspires you?
I’m inspired by tattoo art, bright colors, and clever puns. I honestly look for inspiration in lots of little things on a daily basis…I am a generally happy person, so I just want to make things that I love and hopefully it will put a smile on someone’s face.

5. Any advice for people just starting their own Etsy shop?
If you want to do this full time, make sure your whole heart is in it! It takes a lot of work and a lot of late nights. Know what you know what you want your brand to represent and keep things cohesive! Also, social media can be your best friend.

Meet the Maker: jesiiii(Seek Adventure Print for sale here)

6. One fun fact about yourself?
This took me so long to think of an answer – but here is something random about me! I have gotten to be a background extra in a few movies and tv shows. If you want to have a scavenger hunt you can find tiny glimpses of me in Year One, Bending the Rules (which you probably have never heard of), 21 Jump Street, anepisode of American Horror Story and an episode of…wait for it…The Young and the Restless. CLASSIC!

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10 Minutes or Less: DIY Jeweled Eyeglass Case

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: eyeglass case, E-6000 glue, acrylic gems

Make this jeweled eyeglass case in less than 10 minutes!After getting my new glasses, I instantly starting thinking of ways to makeover the case they came in. That’s everyones first reaction, right? Since I’ve never been big on neutrals, I decided to add a splash of color with a few acrylic gems!

**PS– If you don’t have an eyeglass case, be sure to enter my giveaway to Bonlook.

Make this jeweled eyeglass case in less than 10 minutes!This project is so easy, you don’t really even need a step by step (it’s just glueing some gems on top of an eyeglass case, right?). I do recommend that you play around with the placement of your gems, especially if they’re different shapes, before glueing down. You can move them a few minutes after glueing down, but it’s not recommended since you any extra glue goop will be visible.

Once finished, set aside and let dry, ideally overnight.

Make this jeweled eyeglass case in less than 10 minutes!

Make this jeweled eyeglass case in less than 10 minutes!

Make this jeweled eyeglass case in less than 10 minutes!

DIY Wooden Memo Board

Time: 20 minutes
Materials: wooden panel, cord, hot glue gun, paint & brush (optional)

DIY Wooden Memo BoardGuys, if your desk is as cluttered as mine was before this project (and trust me, it was bad), then you need to make this wooden memo board asap. It took me 20 minutes to make (heck, probably even a little less than that), and my desk has never looked better. Well… except for that one time I covered it in sequins.

Head to Curbly to see the full tutorial!

DIY Wooden Memo Board