10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired ProjectsAnnnddd my love for all things cactus continues! Hopefully you are feeling the same way about the current trend, because you are going to love the following cactus-inspired projects if so! I may dare even say that cacti > pineapples, but I don’t want any of you to mail me a glitter bomb or anything like that. Let’s just pretend I wasn’t thinking that just now, shall we?

I’m blown away by everyone’s creativity when in comes in incorporating the cactus shape into everyday home decor. From making a cute patterns to print on pillows, to making your own cactus (that will never die), these tutorials have it all. And if you’re not into the trend just yet, perhaps you’ll change your mind by the end of this post!

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects1. Cactus Cake Topper by Tell Love and Chocolate

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects2. DIY Cactus Pillow by Everything Emily

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects3. Cactus Place Card Holders via Oh Happy Day

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects4. Cactus Pincushions by A Beautiful Mess

10 DIY Cactus-Inspired Projects5. Painted Rock Cacti by Craftberry Bush Continue reading…

DIY Washi Tape Holder

DIY Washi Tape Holder (click through for tutorial!)If there’s one thing I think we all love as crafters, it’s washi tape. And by love  of course I mean obsess over to the point where we can’t get enough. The only draw back is that sometimes they can get a bit disorganized if you don’t have a way to display/store them. This diy washi tape holder is beyond easy to make and can be customized to fit just about any collection. Here’s how to make your own:

Time: 20 minutes
Materials: dowel rods, copper fittings, spray paint, saw, pipe fitting
Cost: $15

DIY Washi Tape Holder (click through for tutorial!)You’ll be able to find all the materials you need at your local hardware store. I would recommend that you test to see if the dowel and fittings are the right side (fit in to one another) before leaving the store. I used 2″ copper fittings and a 5/8″ dowel.

DIY Washi Tape Holder (click through for tutorial!)Start by painting your base so that it can dry while you complete the other steps. Cut your dowel rod into piece. You’ll need four 4″ pieces and three 3″ pieces. Sand ends if necessary.

Once you have your pieces, you really just need to put it together! I used the 3″ pieces for the height and the 4″ pieces for the length. You can easily adjust this to fit your needs. Screw final copper fitting into the base to attach.

All that’s left to do is add your washi! And because I’m sure you’re just itching to know where I got mine, they’re all from Duck®. Not only is their washi super cute, but it also holds great. Don’t even get me started on their prism rolls either. Seriously, I can’t get enough!

DIY Washi Tape Holder (click through for tutorial!)All my tape used to just sit in a jar on my desk, so this is such an improvement! I’ll probably make it larger as time goes by, but for right now it does a great job of keeping my desk clean while displaying a bit of my collection.

So what do you think?! Easy enough, right?

DIY Washi Tape Holder (click through for tutorial!)

DIY Washi Tape Holder (click through for tutorial!)


Friday Links

@thecraftedlife on Instagram(via Instagram)

Happy Friday! And man do I mean happy! I’m currently in California sipping on wine and crafting at the Michaels Maker Summit. I can’t even believe I just typed that sentence because it still sounds like a dream! This is probably the time you’ll want to start following me on Snapchat because I image things are getting rowdy and crafty at the moment. Hopefully you’ll find time to treat yourself over the next few days! Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy these links:

- My boyfriend Gabe just launched a new app today! Yahoo!

- My inner child is squealing with delight at this fun project.

- Possibly the cutest video tutorial series

- Rethinking all the walls in my house after seeing this!

- Loving these tips.

- This hair. I can’t EVEN.

- Loving these diy throw pillows.

Have  a wonderful weekend!



The Hello Sessions

The Hello Sessions in Portland, OR. Photo by: www.linneapaulina.comFun news today friends!

My two friends, Joy and Melissa, are starting a pretty bomb, hands-on conference here in Portland on October 8th-9th called The Hello Sessions. If you’ve been wondering about the next step for your blog or creative business, this is the perfect event, especially if you’re looking to get to the next level.

The speaker line up is beyond amazing (folks like Lisa Congdon, Molly Yeh, and Tiffany Han just to name a few) that I’m still pinching myself that I’m on the list! That’s right, you can come learn all my Instagram tips and tricks in an hour and half workshop.

AND! For the next week (until July 29th at midnight) you can get 10% off the ticket price by entering code : CRAFTED10 at checkout.

It’s going to be a blast, hope to see you there!