DIY Hanging Air Plant Holder

Time: 15 minutes
Materials: bell cup, hammer & nail, cord, wooden beads, acrylic paint

DIY Hanging Air Plant HolderGuys, listen up. This diy is crazy easy. On one hand I want to make 100 more, but on the other, I don’t want to be known as the crazy plant lady. That’s totally a thing, right?

Either way, you can make this hanging air plant holder in about 15 minutes. They’re completely customizable and you can see how I did it on Curbly!

DIY Hanging Air Plant HolderClick here to see full tutorial! 

Hand Painted Apron DIY

Time: 1 hour
Materials: fabric paint, plain apron, brush

Hand Painted Apron DIYYou might have noticed me working on this project on Instagram over the weekend, and let me tell you, it was the easiest diy ever! For all of those who made the resolution to cook more, what better way to convenience yourself to get in the kitchen than with a hand painted apron?

Hand Painted Apron DIYPaint your design on to your fabric and let dry. Easy as that! The paint I used didn’t even require a heat set (be sure to check your instructions though!). If you’re short on time, consider making your pattern larger, like oversized polka dots or triangles.

Hand Painted Apron DIY

Hand Painted Apron DIYThis would also make a great Valentine’s day project for the foodie in your life!

7 Places to Take Classes Online

7 Places to Take Classes OnlineOne of my favorite things about the internet is the amount of knowledge that’s being shared. You can learn essentially anything you’ve ever dreamed of in the comforts of your own home, all for a more affordable rate than most universities. So grab your sweatpants, computer and a notebook, and learn something new today with any one of these seven places to take classes online:

1. Creativebug– art & craft video classes by expert makers. Can access on desktop or through their mobile app. Membership gets you unlimited viewing of classes and is $9.95/mo with a free two week trial.

2. Coursera– classes from top universities that you can do for fun, specialization, or certification. Learn law, medicine, business, etc from professors at Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and more. Membership is $0 (that’s right, free!).

3. Skillshare– creative classes you can watch on your own time. You can also engage and collaborate with other students in your class. Membership ranges from $0-$10 a month.

4. Treehouse– Video classes that focus on web design, coding, business and more. Practice your skills through quizzes and challenges to earn badges and connect with other students in the class. Membership ranges from $25-$50 a month.

5. Atly– Classes that range from business to food, to photography to language and more. Can upgrade account for instructor feedback to help you improve your skills. Enrollment fee varies by class.

6. Udemy– Largest online learning marketplace with a huge catalog of classes (22,000+) on almost any topic. Can even take courses in different languages. Enrollment fee varies by class.

7. Craftsy– creative classes in knitting, quilting, cooking, arts, and more. You can also shop the supplies and pattern section to get the materials for your classes. Enrollment fee varies by class.

*Have you tried any of these platforms out? Know of any others?

7 Must Try Adhesive Vinyl DIYS

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYSOkay guys, confession: I’ve never used vinyl in a project. Not even outside of this blog. ::let the stone throwing begin:: I know, it’s a magic tool (can be used on glass, cloth, walls and more), and I have yet to use it. After coming across these seven awesome diys, however, I think I’m ready to take the plunge. Sometimes all you need is some inspiration to kick you in the pants, right?

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS1. DIY Travel Mugs by Studio DIY

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS2. Scalloped Jars by Sarah Hearts

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS3. Gem Boxes by Oleander and Palm Continue reading…