10 Must-Try Beauty DIYS

10 Must-Try Beauty DIYSTime for a little Monday confession friends. Even though I essentially DIY for a living, when it comes to beauty products, I tend to feel more comfortable buying than following a random tutorial online. Maybe it’s because I’m worried I’ll do it wrong and I’ll break out, or my skin will fall off or something. You know, a typical worry. But now with all the chemicals found in every little thing we own, I’m coming around to the idea of making certain every-day beauty products.

After making my own facial steam, and really loving it, I’m especially starting to think making your own natural products might not be so bad after all (seriously, everything smells like flowers and sunshine). If you have allergies, I of course suggest you use caution when trying any of these at home. But if not, here are 10 must-try beauty DIYS!

10 Must-Try Beauty DIYS

1. Rose Water Toner by Say Yes

10 Must-Try Beauty DIYS2. Aromatherapy Shower Tablets by Hello Glow

10 Must-Try Beauty DIYS3. Natural Lip Balm by Paper & Stitch

DIY Botanical Facial Steam4. Facial Steam by The Crafted Life

10 Must-Try Beauty DIYS5. Floral Bath Salts by Almost Makes Perfect

10 Must-Try Beauty DIYS6. Watermelon Kiwi Lip Scrub by Salty Canary

10 Must-Try Beauty DIYS7. DIY Perfume by The Merrythought

10 Must-Try Beauty DIYS8. Non-Toxic Bath Fizzes by Sugar & Charm

10 Must-Try Beauty DIYS9. Homemade Lip Gloss by Joy the Baker

10 Must-Try Beauty DIYS10. DIY Soap by Homey Oh My