Friday Links

Friday LinksYesssss, it’s the weekend! And if you’re in the states, a three day one! Which let’s be honest, getting back into the swing of things has taken a lot of effort, so this is coming at the exact right time. I’m off to NYC then to explore New Hope, PA for the next few days– if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them! And if you’re looking for some fun and creative reads while you enjoy your days off, here are some links you won’t want to miss:

– Time to make stir fry for dinner now that I have this guide.

– Such a cute free calendar printable for 2018!

– Loving this rainbow inspired photoshoot.

– Can winter be over so I can wear cute shoes again?

– A healthy creamsicle?! Yes please.

– I really need to give needle felting a try!


  • Sara Ruch Albers

    Thanks for sharing our calendar!!! xoxo