Behind the Scenes: October

Behind the Scenes: OctoberHappy, happy Halloween! We’re at the end of October and just like that, there’s only two months left in the decade. WHAT?! Is that even real because it seems so strange to comprehend. This was a busy month around here, but overall lovely and perfectly fall. Here are the behind the scenes:

Behind the Scenes: OctoberWORK

I struggled a lot with the final photos for the stenciled Halloween candy bowl project.  I think I tried 6 different setups over the course of two days before landing on the final one (the one above didn’t work at all). Typically I know exactly what backdrops and setups will work best and it’s a matter of only 1-2 changes at most. Other times, and more rarely now that I’ve been blogging for 8 years, there’s a bit of a creative block. My advice is to always have more props and backdrop options around than you’ll ever use. If you ever tour a magazine’s office, you’ll see that there’s closets and closets to choose from to get the right shot. These are the details that take a DIY to a lifestyle shoot and you can’t overlook them!

Behind the Scenes: OctoberNow that I no longer have a studio, sometimes shoots happen outside. That really just means that I’ve had to let go of all shame involved with work. Because yes I did find a pink wall here in New York (such a victory), and yes I did lay down on the ground outside of it to take the photos for the DIY Confetti Shoes project. 

Behind the Scenes: OctoberRyan is always such a good sport on these outdoor shoots. I prefer to have someone with me so I don’t run the risk of someone running off with my camera on a tripod and it just makes things 1000x easier and cheaper than having to hire a photographer. Sometimes you have to do what it takes to make it worth with what you have!

Behind the Scenes: OctoberPERSONAL

Well this may be my favorite sentence of all time: we went to my friend Carrie’s dog’s 15th birthday party in Philly. I love that dog so much and it was well worth the bus ride down and back! Plus really, we could all use more celebrations in our lives. 

We finished a lot of TV shows (Schitt’s Creek, Disenchantment, Righteous Gemstones) and are looking for new ones to get us through winter. 

Outside of work and getting the ball rolling on some bigger news (coming hopefully spring 2020), I’ve done a fair amount of fall nesting. Between decorating, getting matching ghost PJS for me and Ryan, and baking everything with pumpkin (below are the pumpkin cheesecake bars I made), I’ve really gotten into the season this year. Butttttt truthfully I am ready for Christmas and might even start decorating soon just so I can enjoy it longer. Is that crazy?! Is it too soon?!

Behind the Scenes: OctoberHow was your month?!