DIY Layered Cactus Stamp

DIY Layered Cactus StampBy now I’m sure you’ve seen how to make your own stamp in a number of ways. I still remember it was one of the first craft projects I even did (you can see that project here). What I haven’t done, however, is make a stamp into multiple different parts. It’s totally fun and a great way to create custom patters or art for your home. Here’s how:

Time: 40 minutes
Materials: stamp carving kit, ink, paper

DIY Layered Cactus StampI recommend using a color wheel for ink so that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on individual pads. Plus it’ll give you the freedom to experiment with colors. Also make sure you stamp is rubber so that it’s easier to carve.

DIY Layered Cactus StampLightly sketch out your design to the rubber. You won’t really be able to erase, so take your time. Carve out all the spaces you don’t want to be show on paper, leaving you with your stamp design.

Ink up your multiple parts and layer/stamp on paper! You can do anything with these stamps, from diy greeting cards, to custom pillow cases and more. So many possibilities, don’t you think?!

DIY Layered Cactus Stamp

DIY Layered Cactus Stamp

DIY Layered Cactus Stamp



  • Heather

    This is such a cute idea! I bought a stamp-making kit awhile ago and haven’t used it yet, so this simple design might just be the push I need!

  • Oh my goodness, this is so cute! I remember playing with stamp carving in art class in middle school and it was a ton of fun (not so fun when you end up stabbing yourself with the carving tool, but it wasn’t so bad xD ). And I have no idea what I would use a cactus stamp for, but man do I want one now, ha! :D

  • Amy

    WHY have I not made stamps yet?! This is so stinking adorable, pinning and loving.

  • Aaah this is so cute!! If only I had known stamp making kits existed! Loooove.

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Wow! So incredibly cute!


  • These are so cute! I must say, I’ve tried making my own stamp before and I was awful at it. But you make it look easy! I love how yours turned out. Pinning!

  • I love that you framed one! Also mad love for the cactus with add on flowers.

  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    Perfect timing! I literally went to Blick Art Supply this past weekend and scooped up a couple set pink Lino blocks. I’ll post what I made on IG. Thanks for sharing!

  • SO!!! CUTE!!!

  • What a great idea!! I’m going to mention it in our Friday Newsletter.