Farmers’ Market Tote

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: tote, freezer paper, fabric paint, sponge brush, xacto knife, iron

DIY Farmers' Market Tote | The Crafted Life

DIY Farmers' Market Tote | The Crafted Life
1. Trace your text on to the freezer paper. Have the wax coated side facing down. You can download the text I used here!

DIY Farmers' Market Tote | The Crafted Life
2. Cut out the text with an xacto knife.

DIY Farmers' Market Tote | The Crafted Life
3. Position & iron on.

DIY Farmers' Market Tote | The Crafted Life
4. Dab on paint, let try, then peel off your stencil.

DIY Farmers' Market Tote | The Crafted Life

See the Vine!

  • Charlotte

    Hello! This looks so so cool, but I was just wondering what type of paint is best? Thanks a bunch..

    • Thanks Charlotte! I’d recommend fabric paint so that you can wash the bag if needed :)

  • Amelia

    this is so cool! Can I use another type of paper? It’s kinda difficult to find freezer paper around here….

    • Hey Amelia! I’m not sure if you’ll get the same results with paper other than freezer paper since it’s designed specifically for this type of craft. I was able to get mine through Amazon (not sure where you are).

      You could maybe try wax paper, but in that case I wouldn’t iron it; you would just want to tape it in place :)

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  • Kristine E F Boyce

    would you happen to remember the name of the font?

  • jacqueline

    Can you wash the item?

    • If you use fabric paint, you should be able to! Just make sure to follow the instructions on the particular fabric paint you buy :)

  • Judy

    Where did you get the bag,or did. You make it?

  • Rose D. New Jersey, USA

    Do you place a cloth down before you iron on the freezer paper? Thanks!!

  • Enzo Moss

    Is freezer paper the same as the one you use for cooking cookies, por example?

  • Taylor Khoe-Mupas

    When you put the freezer paper words down, did it stick pretty well when ironing? I’m wondering if it’ll be hard to press the iron down and not have it peel off when you remove the iron? Great idea!

    • Hey Taylor! I didn’t experience any issues with the paper peeling off at all while ironing. The other side of the paper (that you iron) isn’t sticky so you shouldn’t run into that :)

  • Dixie C

    this is a great way to make a stencil, I have used contact paper, it has a peel and stick adhesive, you can stick it to the fabric and peel it off when the fabric paint dries. All same principle, no ironing, but freezer paper might be better for certain kinds of projects! thanks for the great info.

    • Oh nice! I haven’t used contact paper as a stencil before but it sounds like it would work just as great! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Christa Savietto

    I would love to know where this font is from. Do you have a link to the whole alphabet, not just the “eat local”.