New in the Shop: Geometric Photo Holders

Handmade Geometric Photo Holders available on Etsy

After reading your kind responses to my diy geometric photo holder project, I decided to add some to my Etsy shop! Who needs traditional picture frames, right?! You can use these to display photos in your home or even use them as name card holders at a dinner party or wedding. Each piece, made of Makore wood, was cut with a scroll saw, sanded, and stained by hand. I’ll be adding different types of wood and finishes over the next week or so, so stay tuned!

For a limited time I’m also including a mini print of one of my original photographs (pictured above), so I hope you’ll check them out!

Handmade Geometric Photo Holders available on Etsy


Handmade Geometric Photo Holders available on Etsy


  • Carrie Waller

    SOLD!! Can’t wait to incorporate these into our home =)

    • Carrie, you sweet woman you! Thank you so much for your support <3!

  • These are adorable!

  • HelloLidy

    Love these Rachel!!


  • YAY! I loooove these. And as you probably also know from being a blogger yourself, I never have time to make DIYs that are not “my own”…so yes, please make and sell more things to me!!! Also that print is just dreamy. Major hearts.

    • You are the best, thank you so much for all of your support Marlene <3!

  • I LOVE THEM. The simple woodstaining is gorgeous! Also, can you tell I’m a little behind on my TCL reading? I swear I’m not trying to barrage you with comments!

    • haha no worries girl! Leave as many comments as you’d like ;)

      So glad you like them Amy!

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