DIY Grill Tool Organizer

Time: 45 minutes
Materials: ScotchBlue painters tape, pegboard, spray paint, drill, screws/spacers

DIY Grill Tool Organizer

Since moving last month, we have yet to really yet to settle into our new place– everything is a diy project in the making, I tell ya! However, one space we wanted to makeover before winter came was our balcony/deck, so I teamed up with 3M to make this colorful grill organizer project. You can see the full tutorial on Curbly!

DIY Grill Tool Organizer

  • Tan

    Yep, this will be a DIY when we finally redo our deck

  • I need this. Our grill tools are a messsss!

  • UGH, you have a balcony! That’s the one thing of all things we wish our apartment had so that we can grill! This organizer look FANTASTIC. Heading over now to check it out!

    • Yay, thanks Amy! No bard yard, but a balcony will do just fine :) You know, you could consider moving to Portland. Jussssst saying!