DIY Plaster Lip Magnets

DIY Plaster Lip Magnets (click through for full tutorial!)Part of me did this project because we needed new magnets for our fridge. The other part of me did this project because it was an excuse to make plaster lips. What can I say, when I see an opportunity, I take it. Regardless of why you want to recreate this project (and I hope you do!), here’s how:

Time: 1.5 hours (includes plaster dry time)
Materials: silicon mold, plaster, paint, E-6000 glue, magnets, sandpaper

DIY Plaster Lip MagnetsFull disclosure on the materials for this project. The tray I used was part silicon and part plastic. Because it wasn’t flexible all the way through, I had to essentially ruin the tray to get the plaster out. Make sure your tray is completely made of silicon if you want to reuse it. Also, I decided to switch from acrylic to spray paint when it came time to paint the lips, because hey, it saved a ton of time.

DIY Plaster Lip Magnets (click through for full tutorial!)Mix your plaster according the the directions. You won’t need to use the entire box if you’re only making one tray. Let plaster harden in the tray for about 45 minutes and remove. Sand out any bumps or scraps that may have occurred when the plaster was hardening.

Paint and let dry. When completely dry, you can glue the magnets on the back. The ones I linked to above are super strong, so be sure to keep magnets away from one another while drying, otherwise they will move because of the pull.

When everything is good and dry, those lips are ready to be used on your fridge! Mwah!

DIY Plaster Lip Magnets (click through for full tutorial!)

DIY Plaster Lip Magnets (click through for full tutorial!)

DIY Plaster Lip Magnets (click through for full tutorial!)

  • sarahderagon

    Hey darling, thank you for including Frederick the Golden Dino in this magnet tutorial! Love that you gave our show a shout out too. You’re the best DIY girl out there, I’m a huge fan!!!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Youuuuuu! Wish I was able to attend your show in person. It’s going to be amazing, I just know it <3

  • Elsa Kempe

    Thanks for this fun idea and also for being honest about that silicon thing :)

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  • Lindsay . Shrimp Salad Circus

    Too cute, as always!