How to Make a Terrarium

Time: 20 minutes
Materials: rocks, charcoal, sand, soil, succulent or plant of your choice, container 

How to Make a TerrariumAs much as I love a good house plant, terrariums have totally won my heart with their playful nature. You can customize everything from the container,  to the colors of rocks/sand, and the decorative elements you use, making this project one with endless possibilities!

How to Make a TerrariumI am no botanist, so before starting I did some research to learn the specific layers needed to make a thriving terrarium. PS by using Bing, I was able to rack up points through Bing Rewards that I can put towards food, shopping, and even charitable donations (it’s like a frequent flyer program for searching)!

How to Make a TerrariumStart your first layer by pouring in a layer of rocks thats about an inch in height (this will prevent root rot). Next, add a very thin layer of charcoal, which is great for filtration. You should still be able to see your rocks peaking through the top. Cover all with a layer of sand then add your soil.

How to Make a Terrarium

How to Make a TerrariumThe very top layer is for additional decor. I chose to add some moss and a cute plastic deer, because hey, why not? There are so many options here, so have fun! If you have a container with a narrow opening, I recommend using these long tweezers to help you place everything.

You’ll want to water your terrarium with the tiniest bit of water a few hours after you’ve finished. Repotting is a little traumatic for plants, so if you happen to over water, the roots will absorb too much and it may kill it.

How to Make a Terrarium


Place in a sunny spot in your house (non-direct light), and enjoy!

How to Make a Terrarium


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  • Kralenkwarts

    What a great idea, wonderful as a gift!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Absolutely! Each one is so customizable that they would be great for everyone in the family :)

  • HelloLidy

    SO cute! Turned out perfectly :)

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Yay, thank you Lidy!

  • Melissa

    Love this and totally lovin’ the Bing Rewards too.

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Thanks Melissa! And aren’t they great! I love getting free things for something I’m already doing :)

  • Amy @ Homey Oh My!

    Oh ok, they’re tweezers LOL! I thought they were chopsticks, which is totally my forte, believe it or not :P So stinkin cute and such a unique vessel!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      haha yeah girl! You could totally use chopsticks too, that’s brilliant! I just don’t happen to be that skilled ;) The container is actually a wine decanter I picked up at West Elm a few years ago!

  • Jamie Wong

    Love this DIY, thank you for posting!

  • Lisa Fyfe

    love this. So pretty. I think it would be a fun thing to do with my son.

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Absolutely! There are so many fun ways to add decorative elements too!

  • Kam22

    Hey! Were did find the little deer?, did you buy it from internet? Is just that here in my country you can’t find it :(

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Oh no! I had mine already, but I bet you could find something similar on Etsy! Best of luck in your search.

  • Ginnie

    This turned out so cute, Rachel! I’ve had a terrarium on my to do list for ages … will get to it one of these days:)

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Oh yay, so glad you liked it Ginnie! I know what you mean, it’s so easy to put off projects sometimes! Can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

  • Sha Sahrol

    I can’t wait to start with my own terrarium.

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Yay! Let me know how it goes :)

  • Jill Greenlaw

    This looks like a fun summer project. I am excited to try it.

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Awesome! I hope you do, such a great addition to any home!

  • Amy Stafford

    Great tutorial, I love your photos. Pinned!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Thank you so much Amy! And thanks for sharing!

  • still being [Molly]

    this is seriously adorable!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Thanks Molly, glad you liked it!

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  • Lesley Johnston

    the bottle is adorable!!!!! i have made these in mini vial necklaces, as well as beach sand and shell vials.

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